the best places to visit in Hawaii

If you are planning on taking a trip to Hawaii, it may feel very important for you to book your experiences in advance. With a number of excellent places to experience across the island, it’s not always easy to narrow down the best places that you can visit in Hawaii. If you are planning a vacation, it could be wise for you to book with some of the top tour organizers throughout the islands. Booking with some of these top two are providers could be an excellent way that you can explore the area with a knowledgeable guide and experiences that will help you build strong memories on your time in the Hawaiian Islands.

Pearl Harbor USS Arizona Memorial

Pearl Harbor USS Arizona MemorialThere are a wide range of tour providers that can deliver historical military tours throughout Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial. From luxury Pearl Harbor experiences that are a full 11 hours to express tours of the USS Arizona. These providers can deliver some of the best experiences if you would like to explore these sites. All of these tours can include the cost of admission, transportation and in some cases even provide you with lunch for the day during your exploration of the sites.

Beyond the call to duty

Ko Olina Beyond the call to duty

Kauai Pearl Harbor

Big island/ Pearl Harbor and Honolulu highlights

North Shore, Oahu

The North Shore is one of the most picturesque areas of Oahu. We some of the best premier surfing spots and some of the greatest photographic opportunities, this is the perfect place where you can go to experience fine views of the North Shore and some of the best food on the islands. The North Shore definitely has its own thirst for adventure and there are plenty of opportunities for hiking and enjoying the area as well. Whether you are in the market for a hiking tour to Diamond Head or a surfing, lesson the north shore could be explored through these tours.

The North Shore Photo Tour

The North Shore Surf Bus

Scenic Horse ride

North Shore Diving

Waikiki Beach

Waikiki BeachWaikiki beach is best known for its close location to some of the finest resorts in the islands. Whe area is rich with history and close access to sites like Diamond Head and more. Many of the tours here focus on close access to the protected sea turtles, surfing and more. If you are heading to Waikiki beach, you need to immerse yourself in the surfing culture and the beautiful nature around this area. With its resort access this is the perfect place to enjoy some beautiful nightlife and some of the finest scenery in the south of Oahu. Some of the best ways that you can explore Waikiki Beach are from these tour operators.

Segway Waikiki Beach

Snorkeling Waikiki

Magic of Polynesia

Fireworks sailing

Hike and Bike Diamond Head

Surfing Lessons in Waikiki

Kauai Na Pali Coast State Wilderness Park

Kauai Na Pali Coast State Wilderness ParkThe coast state wilderness park in Kauai is best known for its truly primal beauty. It’s no wonder that this was the location for filming on shows like Lost and Jurassic Park. Many people that make their way to this coastal state wilderness Park do so to seek out filming locations. This area is also rich with history, it is a traditional location for many Polynesian luau’s and it has some of the most prestigious natural views across many of the islands. This is an area that’s best explored by helicopter, four-wheel-drive vehicle or horseback. Luckily there are plenty of tours available that can guide you through this beautiful area throughout your trip.

Ultimate Kauai helicopter adventure

Waimea Canyon tour

ATV waterfall tour

Horseback tour

Smith’s Luau

Kauai Movie adventure tour

Maui Haleakala National Park

The views in this area are nothing short of unforgettable. With a series of waterfalls and amazing coastal views, you can explore this park via mountain bike, hiking and more. The national Park is also known quite well for its waterfalls and amazing natural landscapes. Seeing it via a helicopter or through a height can be one of the best ways to explore. There are many operators that can provide a fantastic service throughout Maui Haleakala National park. We would highly recommend choosing a guided tour during your time here.

Early Bird helicopter tour

Guided bike tour

Best of Maui Hiking tour

Volcanos National Park

Volcanos National ParkThe Big island is home to Hilo and the volcanoes national Park. If you’ve traveled to Hawaii to explore the volcanology, some of the most in-depth experiences to do with volcanoes all happen on this island. Including tours of some of the famous plantations and farming setups that utilize volcanic soil, you can enjoy walking tours of active volcanic structures and a sunrise over historical viewpoints on Hawaii’s newest island. This park is known for its waterfalls and for some of the greatest lava vents across the island. See some of the most amazing landscapes that can completely take your breath away in this national Park. Some of the top tours that operate can include options for helicopter tours, walking and more.

Discover Volcano Country

Volcano’s Unveiled

Big Island Volcano Helicopter tour

Volcano by land and air

Kona Coffee Farms

Kona Coffee FarmsKona coffee farms are one of the premier coffee suppliers for Japan and they remain one of the greatest hosts in the Hawaiian Islands. Many of the top circle island tours and more include the Kona Coffee farms in their experiences for tourists. Choosing a tour that visits this coffee producer will make sure that you can enjoy a quality cup of coffee, a nice lunch and some of the finest honey in Hawaii. Some of the circle island tours and traditional tours throughout Kona do include the Kona Coffee farms in their experience or you can visit the location directly for a tour too.

Grand Circle Island Volcano Tour

Stellar Explorer

Kapohokine Adventures

If you are planning a vacation in Hawaii, these are a few of the top providers that you should consider during your trip. Going on a preplanned and guided tour can take a lot of the burden out of your hands in planning. Each of these tours also comes with experienced guides who can teach you more about the area and make sure that you can truly enjoy your experience while on the islands.