Canoe Ride – Waikiki

Outrigger Canoe Surfing is an ancient hawaiian pastime. For centuries hawaiians have been surfing waves on outrigger canoes. This popular hawaiian activity continues with Faith Surf School, offering fun and
30 Minutes

Surf Lessons – Waikiki

Faith Surf School offers Group, Semi-Private, and Private Lessons. Group Lessons, our most popular option, is perfect for individuals, family or friends that want to experience the joy of surfing
1 Hour 20 Minutes

Surf Lessons – Laie – North Shore

We offer Private Surf lessons (1 on 1), Semi Private Surf lessons (1 on 2) or a Group Surf lesson (minimum of 3 people above age 13) Surf Lesson Schedule
2 Hours
North Shore (Laie)

Surf Lesson – North Shore

Hawaii is not only where surfing was born, but is also the surf mecca of the world. To learn to surf in Hawaii is truly a gift, and we want
2 Hours
North Shore (Hau’ula)

Surf Lessons – North Shore

It’s okay if you’ve never tried surfing or are recently new to the sport, that’s why we offer a fun and exciting beginner lesson with guidance from your instructor the
1.5 Hours
North Shore (Haleiwa)

Best Surfing Lessons in Hawaii

Surfing is a huge part of Hawaiian tradition and culture. If you want to learn how to surf in the birthplace of surfing, this is it! Guided surf lessons from experts that have been surfing for decades, with it passed down generation from generation, can provide you with some of the best instruction- and on the very shores in which world champion surfers have trained!

With surfing lessons and surfboard rentals throughout the North Shore and other areas of Hawaii, you can scale up as you get better at surfing, tackling new challenges all of the time! There are programs in Hawaii that can take you from being an absolute beginner surfer to moving onto the Banzai pipeline to catch monsters waves. Learn from the best and check out some of the most spiritual and respected surfing grounds in the entire world. If you have a curiosity to try surfing, this is the best place to try it!