Pelagic Shark Dive – Haleiwa

This pelagic shark dive tour offers exclusively private shark dives from 2 to 6 guests. The tour consists of an hour and a half excursion in which you get to
2 Hours
North Shore (Haleiwa), Oahu

Best Swimming With Shark Experiences in Hawaii

Swimming with sharks is possible throughout many of the protected reef areas across the islands of Hawaii. You can also enjoy swimming with sharks out in the open ocean via a cage diving experience. Caged dives are some of the best ways to get up close to extremely large sharks safely. With safety reinforced cages and plexiglass windows, you can enjoy the chance to get incredible underwater photos with sharks and the chance to swim alongside sharks in the open ocean without any danger.

By swimming with sharks and enjoying these tours with the help of biologists you can enjoy learning more about these amazing creatures. Swimming with sharks can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience that also means a beautiful day out on the water. With tours available out of almost every major port, you can see sharks in a whole new light in Hawaii. All gear is provided with these tours!