Planning a fun family vacation where you can all enjoy your time in Hawaii can take a truly exceptional, and creative, amount of planning. Guaranteeing that everyone gets to enjoy an activity that they will love during a trip to Hawaii is not always easy.

Why not use a professional service to accommodate all of your Hawaii trip planning pain free?

Based on your wishes, and within your budget, Best of Hawaii will plan an entire customized trip!

You can tell us different preferences for your family based off of experiences you may have heard of, or tell us some of the experiences that you would like to have throughout an iconic, dream Hawaii vacation. From there we can take on the process of arranging transportation, accommodations, tours, dinners and more!

The best part is that our experts at Best of Hawaii have an extensive number of contacts within the tourism industry. This will reduce the stress of planning immeasurably, as well as get you some of the best rates on your Hawaiian vacation.

We will take all of the hassle out of the planning process so that you can really sit back and enjoy your next vacation to Hawaii. Please contact us today using the form below to explore working with us for your all your Hawaiian holiday needs.

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Let Us Plan The Perfect Hawaii Vacation For You & Your Family

Getting a unique trip that brings your family together is usually the goal of any family traveling to Hawaii. With our help, we will identify some of the best accommodations for your budget, as well as, family-friendly activities that you experience together that will be a hit amongst all age groups. Whether you are traveling with your parents, with younger children, or even traveling as a large family group, we can book a series of experiences that will help you get deep into the rich history of Hawaii and form deep, memorable bonding experiences.

If you have never been to Hawaii before, we will outline a number of different hikes, boat cruises, and tours that will help you see some of the most famous sites across each one of the islands. We will even arrange transportation so that you can quickly go island hopping and explore the various volcanic islands that make up the Hawaiian Island Archipelago.

Experiencing the cultural history of Hawaii at the Polynesian Cultural Center is a very popular experience for many families. This is a wonderful day out, even for families with younger children, and you can learn a number of fun traditional skills while experiencing what Polynesian life was like in many of the villages across Polynesia – not just Hawaii. What could be a better end to a day at the Polynesian Cultural Center than an epic dinner experience in the form of a traditional Hawaiian Lua’u?

In addition to our fun cultural experiences, our assisting in the planning process will help with create bonding experiences like teaching your whole family how to snorkel, or laughing non-stop while getting involved with surfing lessons, or maybe even photography lessons! No matter what your family interests may be, right them down in your notes and we can suggest a number of different tours that will bring you together and help teach you some brand new shared skills.

Family bonding is our specialty! With our family trip planning solutions you can truly get the Best of Hawaii!