Everything you need to know about Diamond Head, Hawaii

If you are planning a trip to Oahu, one of the most famous sites that you can explore is the Diamond Head crater. Located on Oahu, the local site is also known as Le’ahi. Although it just looks like a ridgeline from afar, the area is actually a large volcanic crater. The shape of the ridgeline looks similar to a tunas dorsal fin and this is partially why it has received the more traditional name.

Diamond Head is one of the premier attractions across Oahu. Many people make their way up to this area for photo opportunities and for some of the best hiking across the island. There are a number of different ways that you can explore this site. Choosing a unique option could help you to explore this area and learn from a guide who is highly knowledgeable in its history.

Diamond Head was named a world heritage site in the year 1968 and it is one of the most widely visited attractions across Hawaii. The volcanic tuff cone is home to a fairly unique ecosystem and rises to an elevation of over 762 feet. It’s widely known as some of the best in Oahu Hiking and photo opportunities. It also has some historical military fortifications along the trails and protected by the ridge.

Some of the best tour experiences that you can enjoy at diamond head include:

Segway Diamond Head: departing from Waikiki, this is a heavy Segway tour that will allow you to traverse the trails up diamond head without having to take a step. This is a tour that many people enjoy as there is no need for climbing or navigating some of the lengthier trail routes. The two hour experience comes with an experienced guide and a quick Segway lesson before you head out.

Waikiki Diamond Head Aloha Tour 7

Sights unseen helicopter tour: Seeing Diamond head from the air can be a wonderful way that you can catch the sheer scope of this location. The majestic shape of diamond head is best viewed from the air. You can travel the Windward Coast through chainman’s hat and more. This is one of the best ways that you can explore the harbor and Diamond Head with the utmost relaxation.

Sights unseen helicopter tour

Bike and hike: Rather than hiking your way through the entire Diamond Head area of Waikiki, you can enjoy the option to bike through some of the trails as well. With a three hour experience, you can use mountain biking and hiking to traverse the pristine trails starting at 9 AM. This is a wonderful way that you can enjoy it a wonderful lunch at Lulu’s as well as some of the best views that Diamond Head has to offer. Biking ensures that you can get through the trail in a much faster format then you would simply walking it. Bike and hike has become one of the most popular activities for active individuals who want an efficient way to see Diamond Head.

Luxury Private tour: A private tour of Oahu is one of the finest ways that you can go off the beaten path with a skilled guide. You can explore a number of sacred sites across Hawaii as well as get a private tour of the Diamond Head area. All of the equipment that you need is available in this luxury tour including snacks and water. If you want to enjoy a great hike and you want exclusive access to your guide, this is a tour experience that you have to consider today.

Luxury Private tour

Consider each one of these amazing guided experiences during your time in Oahu. If you want to explore more on Diamond Head, these are some of the best ways that you can see it with an expert local guide.