Host the ultimate birthday party in alluring Hawaii! Whether you want to entertain your friends and relatives by the seaside with a quintessential bonfire, or in an exclusive hotel with all the luxuries one would ever desire, we’ve got you covered for any birthday celebration. We understand that this is a special day for you and we have taken it upon ourselves to ensure the most delightful celebration for you ever.

Days before your birthday, we will work hand in hand with you to review all tailored requirements and ensure that what you want is what you get. We have experienced event planners who will be at your disposal to provide every piece of advice you need for a successful birthday bash in Hawaii.

Whether it is advice on the location, or actual planning and execution of the day’s events, you can trust our experience and expertise to help you pull off a very successful day.

Feel free to leave your information and requests in the box below, and one of our event planners will reach out to you to kickstart the process of planning your best birthday yet, an unforgettable party in Hawaii.

    We Take Out the Guesswork ~ Tailored Solutions Provided

    Birthday venues are a plenty in Hawaii. Its easy to be overwhelmed and get off-track when narrowing the options. In order to choose the right one that will fit with your desires and intention, you need the assistance of an expert planner who is a native in the region. At Best of Hawaii, we help you do away with the guesswork by bringing the exact venues that are significant for your desires right to your fingertips.

    That is not all! Our recommendations will be places tailored to meet with your unique needs and not just another place that holds parties. We believe that this is the only way to help you get the most out of your special day.

    Kids Birthday Party Venues

    We are the right professionals to help you plan a birthday party for your young ones, or keiki, as we call them in the islands. Hawaii has a lot of fun and safe places for kid’s celebrations. Irrespective of their age, we have something for everyone. Whether you want an adventure park party, a beach celebration, or a customized indoor birthday venue, we can help you craft just the right one to make the day a memorable one for your child. Additionally, we can organize extras such as face painting, balloon twisting, magicians, and nail artists to come and entertain your child and their friends on that day.

    No doubt, your child will feel like an absolute rock star when all is said and done!

    Early Planning is Key

    Since Hawaii is a hot birthday event destination, it is vital to get planning early enough to avoid last minute disappointment. Though we have secret gem locations, others are also actively looking for them- and if you delay, you may be unlucky in securing the ideal place for your birthday.

    Therefore, get in touch with us ASAP, even if you merely wish to simply explore the idea for now. This will allow us ample time to search for the ideal venue for you, and ensure that it has everything you will be needing for the big day! Remember, certain things such entertainment, may need to be reserved in good time so that you have it locked in on the particular day.

    Contact us today for more information about possible venues and thematic experiences in Hawaii for your birthday celebration!