Big Isladn Dinner Cruise

If you’ve never been to the biggest Island in the Hawaiian chain before, there are a lot of great things about taking a trip to the Big Island

The Island offers so many beautiful things to do and see; you could spend an entire vacation on this one island and never get bored. The Big Island of Hawaii is full of adventures, and there’s always something to suit every tourist’s tastes and interest.

The Big Island features so many possible outdoor adventures while leaving your time to obtain the peace present in Hawaii’s pristine beauty. You can find outdoor adventure wherever you are on the Big Island but knowing what activities you would participate on the Big Island is key to enjoying your vacation.

Here is a list of what are the best things to do on the Big Island:


It’s hard to understand the quality of sea life in the warm waters off of the sandy beaches until you get in yourself. The Island’s crystal clear waters and the spectacular coral reef is a snorkeler’s dream. Snorkeling is one of the most popular activities on the Big Island of Hawaii. In addition to the primal awe to snorkeling shores just beginning to produce new reefs, you can see a large variety of colorful tropical fish, dolphins, and turtles. In addition to being a prime snorkeling spot, the Big Island easy access, abundance of sea life, and an excellent place to spot turtles and spinner dolphins and whales make it a one of the best place to visit for the most memorable vacation.

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Big Island Snorkeling


Hawaii is the avid angler’s dream.  The feel of the sun on your face and the stimulating ocean breeze at your back as you experience the ultimate Big Island fishing trip. Unique in its geography, climate, and a wide variety of natural attractions, the Big Island of Hawaii is a prime location for a world-class deep-sea fishing game. Indeed, Hawaii is the avid angler’s dream.

Big Island Fishing


It’s Hawaii and that, of course, means surfing. The Big Island is said to be the birthplace of surfing and the aloha spirit. We understand that advanced, and professional surfers already have their favorite surfing haunts, but the summer waves are much tamer and are ideal for the beginner and intermediate level surfers.


Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Tour

This is definitely a don’t-miss and by far the most popular tourist destination on the Big Island. The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park allows tourist to hike over recently solidified lava fields, through rain and fern forests. Vacationers have the chance to see the lava glow at night from the Jaggar Museum, and much more!

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Volcanos National Park

Visit To Pacific Tsunami Museum

Dedicated to the two tsunamis which have devastated the east coast of the Island over the last century, this is a great place for those who love science and also like to feel a little rush of fear. It might be best to save this visit for the last days of your vacation!

Beaches in the Big Island

The beaches are one of the main appeals of the Big Island. These are common, cool, and even a little bit creepy. It’s hard to believe that anything that color could feel like sand, but it does! Here you can discover world-class white sand beaches, but also black sand beaches.

The Big Island, Hawaii has so much to offer from just sitting on the beach, to whale watching during whale migration season, to hiking. It is the perfect place to relax, to rekindle your romantic feelings for one another, and to simply enjoy the alluring beauty all around you.

Visit the Big Island today and enjoy the vacation of a lifetime.

Big Island Beach


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