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Hawaii is one of the most fascinating and exotic states in the United States. This spectacular state is considered as one of most sought after tourist destinations for the tourists of all around the globe. It is often referred to as ‘the Paradise of the Pacific’ because it offers unique settings with a refreshing and rejuvenating atmosphere, lush greenery along with excellent coral beaches.

This place is like a wonderland for the people looking for romantic, peaceful, and stimulating vacations. Although, the entire Hawaii Island is full of attractions; Kona is one such tourist attraction which you can’t afford to miss.

Kailua-Kona popularly known as Kona, is a great tourist hub with an excellent touch of a modest town. This magnificent town is located on the Leeward side of Hawaii Island. The atmosphere remains warm and refreshing all year round, making it easy for you to plan your vacations at any point in time. You will never regret and worry about the time as most of the island offers a nice and excellent atmosphere.

Kona is very distinctive due to its unique geographical processes and famous for offering a range of exciting activities such as fishing, snorkeling and for its mesmerizing sunrise & sunset and the coffee. The town of Kona exhibits a great coast which is a result of the volcanic eruption.

This town of Kona is known for its restaurants, shops, and nightlife; and the pleasant waters provide the perfect place to snorkel, fish, and surf. There are always plenty of sights and activities to enjoy in Kona, and you don’t want you to miss any of the following activities in Kona:

Snorkeling & SCUBA Diving

Appreciated for holding the best snorkeling and diving opportunities in Hawaii as a whole, swimming around Kona coastline is life-changing. Home to sea turtles, vibrant coral reefs, multitude schools of colorful tropical fish, Kona is an underwater paradise that combines coastal sights with snorkeling for an unbelievable experience.

Kona’s waters are home to some of the most robust and approachable populations of manta rays, and Hawaiian sea turtles, striking tropical fish, and fascinating coral reefs await your visit, as well. And if you’ve always wanted to watch dolphins in their natural habitat, Kona is a great place to have what many claims is a life-changing experience.

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Sunrise Watching

There’s nothing quite as mesmerizing and concurrently mind-blowing as watching the sunrise from the top the world’s tallest volcano. Trust us; it’s jaw-dropping!

Mauna Kea is a dormant volcano standing over 33,000 ft tall and is one of the Big Island’s five volcanoes.

Naturally, this volcano has a stellar view of the sunrise each morning. As such, one of the top Kona activities to do is embark on the Mauna Kea Sunrise Adventure. During your adventure to the top of a volcano, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about Kona and the Big Island’s history, culture, and landscape.

Dress warmly, grasp a cup of coffee and bring a camera to capture the remarkable sunrise.

Maunakea Sunrise


Golfing on the Kona side of the Big Island of Hawaii is some of the best in the world. The Kailua-Kona side is the number one destination in Hawaii for golf enthusiasts and travelers alike.

Thanks to Kona’s natural landscape, the minute you see the pristine courses with ocean backdrops, you’ll see why golfing is among the Kona activities you need to try. Some guests make a special tour to Kona just to play the courses. The viewpoints from some of the courses are magnificent.

Some of the most beautiful golf courses on earth are found here at Kona, and anyone who loves golf should get to play here at least once in their life.

Kona Coffee Tour

If you are engrossed in experiencing your coffee in a completely new approach, then why not tour the Kona Coffee Belt in Hawaii? Delight your appetite with 100% pure Kona coffee, grown only on the Kona Coast.

Hawaii is actually the only state in the US that grows a coffee crop because of its rich and fertile volcanic soil and climate, which gives ideal growing conditions for its coffee crops. The reason that Kona Coffee is so valued in the coffee community is that it is a rare species of coffee with deeply developed flavors.

Another nice way to spend your vacation in Kona is to visit some of the numerous cafes around Kona to have a taste of the Kona coffee or you might tour a Kona coffee plantation.

Kona Coffee Chocolate Refuge 10

Luau in Kona

Of course, what would a list of Kona activities be without a luau?

The Luau is a grand celebration of food, entertainment, and Polynesian culture. No visit to the Kona is complete without experiencing a Hawaiian luau. The Luau allows tourists to spend an evening under the colorful glow of a Hawaiian sunset at one of luau venue located on the oceanfront. You can find a variety of luau venues throughout the island of Hawaii, mostly in the resort areas of Historic Kona Coast.

In addition to a wide array of Hawaiian arts and crafts, followed by the unearthing of the mouthwatering roasted pork from the underground imu oven, is a breathtaking show with fire dancing, an Imu presentation, lei greeting.

This cultural performance will leave you awe-struck, especially after you witness the “fire knife” dance!

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Island Breeze Luau

Whale Watching Cruise

Each year between December and April, something incredible happens in Hawaii. More than 8,000 humpback whales swim 3,500+ from Alaska, to enjoy the warm and safe waters of the surrounding Hawaiian Islands.

If you visit Kona, Hawaii at this time of the year, then you’re right on time to take part in a beautiful whale-watching cruise. You can expect to see mothers and calves sunning themselves in the warm Hawaiian sun while the males can often be seen breaching the water surface, providing impressive aerial displays.

This relaxing whale watch allows visitors to spend some time out at sea and observe these gentle giants in their element. Most ships also offer hydrophones which allow passengers to listen to male humpback whale calls.

However, these whale watching cruises are seasonal, so prepare your trip accordingly if this is one of the Kona activities you’d like to experience.

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Big Island Whale Watching

For a memorable vacation in Kona, Hawaii, add any of these mind-blowing Kona activities to your plans. After all, coffee farm tour, whale watching, or snorkeling with sea turtles are not things you find yourself doing every day.


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