How to order the best Hawaii Vacation Package

Amazing!! You’re planning a vacation to Hawaii. How exciting! But it can also be pretty overwhelming. Are you thinking of how and where to start preparing for the vacation?

Hawaii is one of the most visited tourist destinations all over the world. This Island has captured the heart of every tourist with its remarkable natural wonders.

If you are interested in finding the best vacation packages, whether you’re off for a romantic vacation, family trip, or an all-inclusive holiday, it is crucial to find a perfect vacation package. If you succeed in getting the best package, it is sure that you would be able to make a memorable Hawaii vacation of a lifetime.

Here are some useful tips for finding the best vacation packages.

Choose a reliable travel agency

If you are new booking holiday packages from travel agencies, or unfamiliar with the services of a travel company, it would be better for you to check the company reputation first prior buying any package from them.

However, well-known and reputable travel companies won’t reduce the price of packages down by compromising the quality of hotels, flights, car rental, and foods. It is of best opinion that you look at the stuff that the company is providing with the vacation packages and check out every one of them.

If the travel company you choose is reputable, then don’t worry, they won’t stain their reputation just for a quick buck. It is also advisable to choose trendy and popular travel agencies like The Best of Hawaii.


Your accommodations should be the second thing on your list.

Hotel is significant when deciding whether the vacation package is excellent or not because that will be your residence for the span of your vacation.

If you want the preferences of a condominium, but with more solitude, you might consider renting a vacation home. On the other hand, if you’re staying on an island for five days or more, consider a condominium unit, especially if you’re traveling with children.

The best option is to choose a hotel that has a website or allow your travel agency to handle your hotel reservations. From their website, you can easily find out the number of rooms they have in the hotel, see the number of staff available in the hotel, and the amenities in the hotel.

Estimate A Budget

You should have a projected budget before buying a vacation package. More importantly, discuss your budget and expectations with the agents of your selected travel company. Consult with them and choose a package that can satisfy your expectations. At The Best of Hawaii, we can help you a lot to plan your vacation based on your budget.


Each of the Hawaiian islands has its very own weather and geographical climate and micro-climate. In some cases, a particular Island can have different climates on it. For instance, The Big Island of Hawaii has about four climates per time. So, you could hike in an arctic tundra during the day, and still make a warm dinner by the ocean at night.

So you need to consider which Island to visit and tour based on the weather and climate that suits you better.

Decide Vacation Period

Depending on your budget and plan, the best bargain rates on hotels and airfares are available in the spring (from mid-April to mid-June) and fall (from September to mid-December).


As long as you’re traveling very light and you may not pick up a rental car, you just use the public bus network.

Perhaps you already booked a hotel or flight on points, but you still need a rental car, you can search for a car rental service via the internet, or allow your travel company to handle that for you.

Nevertheless, check the rental car companies’ websites for specials and discounts and their fleet of cars.

Sightseeing & Activities

You have to plan your daily itinerary and activities. Depending on your vacation habit, you may want to beach bum throughout and go with the flow. On the other hand, you may prefer having a tentative plan, so you make sure you see and participate in as many activities as possible.

Hawaii is made up of various islands that are all lovely, but each offers a different ambiance. If you are looking to experience traditional Hawaiian culture and rowdy nightlife, a cruise to the Island of Maui would most often suit your needs. But if you would prefer a more tranquil atmosphere, a trip to the less populated Island of Lanai may suit you better. Another essential step in choosing Hawaii cruises is inquiring about how many actual stops your journey will make on the main islands

In the very least, we recommend booking activities that you’re set on well with The Best of Hawaii before your arrival.

For instance, Oahu and Maui have gorgeous beaches and tourism adventures that will help you see all of the best that Hawaii has to offer. The Big Island is a great place for hiking and wildlife. Lanai is the least inhabited islands for those that want to visit for serenity and tranquillity. Molokai is the place for adventures like climbing cliffs and skydiving.

You may check our website for popular tours, adventures, and activities. It is advisable to book up months in advance once I know my dates.

You can visit the nearest travel agency in your area to see if they can offer a suitable travel package to Hawaii. Or you can find everything you need for planning the perfect vacation on The Best of Hawaii website. There are plenty of vacation guides, price comparison, and resources that will help you find the ideal vacation. Also, keep in mind that some discounts have expiration dates, so if you find one you want to use, take advantage of it while it lasts!


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