Things to do in Maui - Fun Things To Do In Maui

If you are planning a trip to Maui, you should consider some of the top attractions in the area. There are so many fun things that you can try out during your trip to Maui and with a bit of help from a booking agent, you can find your way to these attractions are prepay for these experiences. Here are some fo the top fun things to do in Maui:

The road to hana: This is one of the most beautiful coastal roads in the entire world. The Road to Hana is a sightseeing trip that takes around 55 miles. There are a number of hairpin turns and this is really a fun drive to make. There are some tours that offer luxury vans if you don’t feel like taking on the drive yourself or you can rent a car to see the cascading waterfalls, beautiful coastline and more.

Kaanapali Beach: This is one of the most popular beaches in Maui and it stretches across 3 miles of the Northwest coast of the island. This area boasts two championship golf courses, an open-air shopping center as well as plenty of spots where you can set up and enjoy some fun in the sun. There is limited public transportation out to this area and the parking can be quite limited so you may want to consider booking a taxi or tour to the beach.

Waianapanapa State Park: This area is known for its jet black volcanic sands which are made up of sediment from the volcanoes that form the island. You can capture some incredible images here of the contrast between the blue of the ocean, the jungle and the extremely dark beach. Most of the beach is made up of pebbles and rocks so it’s a good idea to bring water shoes and hiking shoes for getting up to the lookout areas here.

Hookipa Beach: Along mile night of the Hana highway you can find one of the best spots for catching a wave and Hawaii. It’s fun to just sit on the beach and enjoy watching the surfers in this area. In many cases the beach also attracts a number of sea turtles throughout the afternoon. There isn’t too much around this area but it is a nice place to picnic and watch world class surfing or even get out in the waves yourself.

Iao Valley state park: This area is known for its parks and gardens, sightseeing overlooks as well as the hiking. If you are interested in getting out and enjoying beautiful rock features and a green landscape, this is an area with plenty of foliage and many hiking trails. There are plenty of lookouts in this area and options for many photo opportunities.

Keep some of these amazing options in mind if you are planning a trip to Maui in the near future.