The Best Family Tours in Hawaii

There is a lot of diversity in the islands of Hawaii. The range of tours and activities are suitable to both adults and the young ones and this makes it very convenient to go for family vacations with the full knowledge that there will be something for everyone. Whether it is visiting the farms, saddling up the cowboy culture, exploring the black sand beaches for colorful fish and wildlife or hiking the rain-forests for a close encounter with the wild, families are guaranteed of a memorable vacation Hawaii.

Here are some of the best tours in Hawaii if you were planning on visiting with your whole family-:

Beach tours

Hawaii boasts of 260 miles of coastline and there are plenty of family friendly places to hit the water. Depending on the specific experience you desire for your kids, some of the tours you may consider include-:

  • Kid friendly beaches for snorkeling – snorkeling is a fun adventure to give the entire family a chance to experience the calm waters of the pacific and a chance to experience the marine diversity. Treat your kids to pleasant sights of colored fish, rays, eels, sea turtles and stunning masses of corals.
  • Beaches for Tide Pool expeditions – there are also lots of tide pools you could visit with the entire family in Hawaii. This is due to the vast amounts of rocks brought to the shores by the low tides.
  • Sunset views – experiencing the sunset in Hawaii with the entire family is not just refreshing, but also very ideal for family bonding. The sunsets are beautiful in all the Hawaii beaches and it will be upon you to choose the specific one to get the experience.

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Family boat tours

There is a boating experience for just about everyone. Many are the dolphin excursions, kayaking, parasailing, and dinner cruises tours, some of which are ideal for tagging along the young ones. The most important thing, however, is to research and know in advance the kinds of experience the entire family would love. For instance, a dolphin and a snorkeling tour would be welcome by most members, but tours such as parasailing may be preferred by only family members who are adrenaline junkies.

Local Farm Tours

Hawaii is known for agriculture and a farm tour will be very refreshing especially if you are from the city, where the kids have not had much contact with the farm life. There is the Kona Coffee Farm where you will find 125 year old coffee trees, watch the roasting process and sample a variety from the local coffee cherry. Other than coffee farms, there are macadamia nut plantations, orchid and vegetable farms which the young ones are likely to find very interesting.

North Shore Shark Adventure

The North Shore Shark Adventure will leave your entire family with an indelible memory about the visit to Hawaii. This is a tour that will take you deep into the ocean and give you a chance to swim with the deadly shark. Children as young as three years old are allowed to get into the protective cage and swim with the sharks. This experience alone will be more exhilarating, but it is not all. On the way to the tour, you will be treated to beautiful sightings of dolphins, turtles and wales as the hop merrily into the waters. There are no dangers whatsoever, since you will be in a protective cage at all times and you will be provided with all the necessary equipment.

Hawaii Children Discovery Center

A family visit to Hawaii will never be complete without a visit to Hawaii Children Discovery Center. The center is located in Honolulu and it provides an interactive and participatory learning environment, aimed at inspiring young children. The center provides methods which will encourage the children to be more aware of their environment and use more of their senses of touch, smell, hearing, and sight to better understand the world around them. The center also has several exhibits, including dinosaurs and other creatures which are now extinct and which kids will find it fun to see and learn about.

Hawaii Waters Adventure Park

When it gets hot and the kids are tired of having more sand and sun at the beach, then the most appropriate destination is the Hawaii Waters Adventure Park. This is a vast facility, spanning over 25 acres of land and full of fun activities, including open air and closed water slides, a tubing river, wave pools, and a park specially designed for children. While the children have fun in the park, the adults can also keep busy in the food courts, whirlpools, volleyball courts, and spa amongst other amenities.

Helicopter Tours

A helicopter tour will be a nice surprise to your family in Hawaii. Views from above are always the best and you can get the most of the island from the seats of a helicopter from the skies. Contrary to the opinion of many, the helicopter tours in Hawaii are not very expensive and with proper planning, it is a treat that every family can afford. This is the only way to marvel at and appreciate the spectacular water falls, the lush green vegetation, and the beaches and also have a look at the island’s largest volcano – Haleakala.

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Watching the starts

Just like with the farm visits, most families coming from the big cities have never experienced the beauty of the skies at night. The sky views in Hawaii are epic by the very definition, irrespective of your location in Hawaii. With such, you need not to pay any tour operator, but there are also nightly star gazing parties organized at specific dates and if you happen to visit around such times, you and your family will be treated to spectacular views of the constellation, including the rings of Saturn, and the Jupiter’s Moon. There are free to use telescopes to make it easier for kids as well as adults to have more up close views of the starts.

Family Dinner Tours

Several family dinner tours are also available throughout Hawaii. This is a good chance to let the family experience the culinary diversity of the Hawaiian cuisines, as there will be lots and lots of foods and drinks to sample. There are also dinner cruises where you can have dinner with the whole family in the middle of the ocean as you enjoy the sunset. It is a marvelous experience and one which will stick permanently in the minds of your family members.