The Best Food Adventures in Hawaii

Most of the travelers to Hawaii normally have one problem in common, and that is where to find great foods to savor. Other than the pure adventure and thrills which characterizes Hawaii visits, you should also know that it is a food haven and no matter how insatiable your appetite is, you will always find more than you can eat. If you love sampling and appreciating cuisines from different cultures, here are some of the food adventures you should try while in Hawaii-:

The Gourmet Trilogy Adventure

This is one of the most amazing food adventures you can experience in Hawaii. It is offered on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 6pm to 10pm. It features a visit to three award winning restaurants in Hawaii. In the first restaurant, you will be treated to champagne and appetizers, the second one is where your entrée course will be revealed and the last one is where you will enjoy a rich and decadent dessert. Each course, of course, will be paired with great wine. The cost of this tour is only $249 per person, but you will get greater value and experience than what you will be actually paying for.

Hole-in-the-Wall Food Adventure

One of the distinctive features of Hawaii is that it is the melting pot of the United States. Many are the cultures and the ethnic groups living harmoniously in this place and though the cultures have mixed and mingled over the years, their ethnic heritages in food still remains intact and this is the whole essence of the Hole-in-the-Wall Food adventure. This is a tour that will take you through five different restaurant, with each serving distinct foods native to their ethnic heritages. The restaurants for this particular tour include-:

  • Zaffron for Indian cuisines
  • Liliha Bakery for the famous Coco Puff Pastry
  • Sugoi for local style bento and a plate lunch
  • Pho Nam for Vietnamese cuisines
  • Antonio’s New York Pizzeria for pizza and cheesecake

These restaurants are in four separate areas of Oahu metropolitan and a visit to them will remind you that sometimes great foods can be found in the most unlikely places. One of the most outstanding features of this tour, however, is not the amount of food you will sample from different cultures (they will be many), but the fact that it is affordable to almost everyone at a cost of just $99. The tour is offered every day from 10.00am to2.00pm.

Honolulu Food Adventure

It is a two and half hour tour which will give you a chance to eat like a local. It takes you to some of the hidden gems where the natives will not just fill your stomach with hearty local delicacies, but also rich stories, culture and influences that have affected the traditional cuisines over the years. The tour is guaranteed to give you a very intimate experience since you will mostly be in groups of not more than twelve guests and you will taste an array of savory and sweet meals prepared locally.

Aloha Plate Food Tour

Aloha Plate Food Tour is a five-hour walking food tour that will reveal to you Oahu’s best and most authentic foods. In this tour, you will not just learn about the rich culture of the Hawaiians and their cuisines, but also you will have a chance to sample a variety of some of Hawaii’s best, including opihi, spam musubi and warm malasadas. There will also be plenty of sticky rice, mac salads and much more. The tour is conducted by Tabura Lanai – the winner of Food Network’s “The Great Food Truck Race.” He is one of the kindest persons you will meet in the area and doing the tours with him will be worth every minute.