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Pua’a ‘Ahiu ~ The “Wild Boar” – North Shore

Explore Off-Road Trails on Our Pinzgauer Tours of Hawaii! On this one-of-a-kind 4×4 adventure - scramble up steep ridgelines, negotiate muddy trails, & tackle Hawaiian style moguls in an ex-military
6 years and older
2.5 Hours

Pua Pua’a ~ “The Piglet” ATV Adventure

Explore the Hawaiian Jungle on an Oahu Side by Side Tour! You are in command of your own adventure as you get behind the wheel and tackle the jungle in
5 years and older
2.5 Hours

Huaka’i Iki ~ The Little Adventure – North Shore

Hiking Tours on the Best Little Trail on Oahu The “Iki” starts off with a 7-mile off-road ride to the trailhead and continues with a hike through natural beauty. Hikers
10 years and older
4 Hours

Huaka’I Nui ~ The Big Adventure – North Shore

A Hiking Tour with Swimming in the Koolau Mountains Hikers will board a 4-wheel drive vehicle in Haleiwa town and off-road 7-miles to the trailhead. High in the Koolau mountains
10 years and older
6 Hours

North Shore Eco Tours Discount & Deals

North Shore Eco Tours is a company that specializes in adventure ecotourism across the North Shore. The company is known for reducing their environmental impact in every single tour while still offering action-packed fun for its groups.

Perhaps one of the best-known tours that they offer is the piglet tour using one of their own brands of ATV vehicles. With lunch included on most of their tours, there are short and long-term experiences available at extremely reasonable rates for small and large groups here.