Oahu Must See and Do - Hawaii Travel Guide

Oahu is a vibrant island that is known as a gathering place. It stands as one of the largest islands in all of Hawaii and it also holds the vast majority of the population of the state. Many people on a Hawaiian vacation make their way to this island to enjoy the unique nature and to get some fun out in the sun.

Oahu Must See Attractions

Diamond Head: Diamond head still remains one of the most iconic symbols of Oahu, this long dormant volcano is a hiking trail that leads up to a lookout area. It’s a popular attraction and the lookout has some views that are so picturesque it difficult to believe. Diamond Head also remains incredibly accessible with stairs and paved paths.

The makapu’u lighthouse trail: This is a height that is similar to Diamond Head but it has beautiful views of the shoreline as well as the lighthouse. If you are interested in getting some beautiful shots of the ocean and enjoying a fun yet slightly challenging hike, this is the perfect option.

Swimming Shark’s cove: This is one of the best snorkeling spots in Oahu and its located in Hanauma bay. This area is easy to reach off of the  Kamehameha highway and it’s fairly easy to walk down to the bottom of the coat shoreline and get into the water with your snorkel and mask. There are always lots of fish in this area and it remains one of the most popular snorkeling spots on the island.

Turtle beach: If you want a chance to see some of Oahu’s incredible sea turtles, visiting this spot could be an excellent idea. This beach is located along the North Shore and if you are driving towards Haleiwa you can check out a group of sea turtles that regularly come up on shore to eat the algae off the rocks. These are incredibly rare creatures and this is one of the only places that they come to regularly.

Pearl Harbor: Pearl harbor is an incredibly moving memorial to visit. This place still has damage and oil leaking up through the bay from the attacks in World War II. There are video stories, memorials for everyone killed on board the ships and wreckage still to this day.

There are many great stops to make in Oahu, but these are just a few that you can use to narrow down your list of must see attractions.