If you have a weeks vacation available in Oahu it’s likely that you’re going to want to spend a lot of time at the beach. If you are looking for a bit of distraction away from the beaches however there are plenty of chances to spend the day out on some fun excursions. Here are a few trips that you can use to try something different than hanging out at a resort:

The Kapiolani community college farmers market: This community college is known for its incredible culinary school. Not only could you consider taking up some fun cooking classes in the evening here but you can visit the weekly farmers market. The farmers market takes place at this location and it’s a chance to sample some of the freshest fruit in Hawaii. Try out red rambutan or the delicacy of banana fritters covered in Maple syrup.

A Paradise Cove luau: A traditional luau is something that can’t be missed during your week in Hawaii. You should strongly consider participating in activities like stringing away, creating a headband and getting involved in the feast. A number of resorts often hold luaus but it’s important to go to one with a real imu or Hawaiian underground oven to try the authentic meals like Lomi Salmon or kalua pork.

Visit lolani palace: this is one of the original palaces ruled by the monarchy of Hawaii. This was the original residents of King Kalakaua as well as his successor his sister. You can today walk through the hallways of this amazing palace and hear details of the early royal balls and grand dining experiences.

Take time for a sunrise and a sunset: Waikiki beach is a beautiful place where you can watch the sunset. Going down to the boat docks can be an extremely romantic time. At the end of Kailua beach you can see some of the best sunrises on the island. Taking the time to see both can be a beautiful experience.

Take a trip up the north shore: When you get tired of the busy life of a resort or time at the shopping centers you could consider going up to the northern side of Oahu. This 25 min. drive up through the countryside can help you find a quiet place for lunch like Giovanni’s shrimp truck which is known for some of the best trip on the island. You can also enjoy some fun cliff jumping here in the Waimea bay Beach rock.

Keep some of these fun activities in mind for your week in Oahu. Remember that these are some of the best ways to get the most out of your weeklong trip on the island!