Waikiki is heavily regarded as one of the world’s foremost beach destinations. While many people visit Hawaii in an effort to enjoy some fun in the sun, Waikiki is one of the main places to go to really enjoy a beach location. Waikiki is a fairly small area that has some of the largest selection of hotels in the Hawaiian Islands. It is located within the middle of Honolulu and it is a must-see area of Hawaii. Here are some of the top 10 attractions to enjoy it around Waikiki:

The main beach: without a doubt this is one of the main attractions of Waikiki. It’s made up of a number of beaches all added into one. One of the most famous beaches in the area is the Kahanmoku beach named after a famous Olympic swimmer.

Waikiki aquarium: see fish from all around Hawaii in one convenient place. Beautiful displays showcase coral reefs, a unique shoreline and a number of beautiful aquatic creatures.

Diamond head crater: This attraction is an extinct volcano located in the East End of Waikiki. This is often a symbol that is placed on a number of the tourist items for the area. It features a historic hiking trail that leads up from the middle of the crater up to the summit. There are eventually stairs in a beautiful lookout here.

Kapiolani park: This is a massive park that was declared a natural reserve by King Kalakaua. Named for his wife, this garden contains plants that are only native to Hawaii and a massive green space for events, jogging, picnics and more.

Kalakaua ave: This street runs along the end of Kapiolani park and it is one of the main streets of the city. It’s home to shopping centers, many of the famous hotels and more.

International market: This open-air shop is bordered by giant Banyan trees and plenty of shops for exploring!

The Royal Hawaiian shopping Center: Take a trip to see some of the most luxurious shops in waikiki. This is a modern shopping mall with open air atriums and world-famous boutiques and jewelers.

The US Army Museum: learn more about the 18th-century Hawaiian wars as well as the military history throughout the second world war in Vietnam war. American soldier uniforms from the past 200 years are on display here.

Atlantis submarines: In Waikiki you can set out from the beach and try some passenger submarines that dive past 100 feet. This is a wonderful way to explore racks without having to get a scuba cert!

The Honolulu zoo: the Honolulu zoo is located close by and it features 42 acres of grounds with tropical plants and animals from across the world. See many different ecosystems within one day or explore the children’s zoo and playground for a fun day out with family.

As you can see, there are many fun things to do throughout Waikiki. If you are interested in getting the most out of your trip, these are a few of the most popular attractions in the area!