4 Hours
Hawaii Kai, Oahu
Available 8:00am to 2:30pm
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We offer Hawaii’s most complete lineup of activities, with packages designed so you can experience multiple adrenaline-pumping playthings in one day. From thrilling Hawaii activities like jet skiing, bumper tubing, and banana boating to relaxing and fun activities like parasailing, we’ve got it all!

In keeping with our family-friendly tradition, even children under five are welcome on our activities barge without charge, weather permitting. Everyone wears a life vest!

This Three-Activity Watersports Package includes three of the following fun-filled water activities! Approximate activity schedule*:

  • Tandem Jet Ski**: Ride is 30 minutes; allow 90 minutes for your experience.
  • 600′ Parasail**: 45-60 minutes on the boat, 6 minutes in the air.
  • Banana Boat: Ride is 15 minutes; allow 90 minutes for your experience
  • Bumper Tube: Ride is 15 minutes; allow 90 minutes for your experience

*Activity schedule: All tours have a 20-minute safety video and scenic boat ride to our ocean launch point.
**Options to UPGRADE to SOLO Jet Ski and/or 800′ Parasail during checkout.


  • Availability: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (Closed Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays)
  • Times: Available between 8:30 AM – 2:30 PM
  • Duration: 4 Hours (Approx.)


  • Swimwear and towels are recommended as you will get wet. Storage bins are provided.
  • Hats & sunglasses at your own risk
  • Please lather up at the dock – spray sunscreen may not be applied on any boat
  • Bring Water

Requirements/Restrictions by Activity Type:

  • General Requirements:
    • All Safety Equipment is Provided and Required.
    • Women who are pregnant cannot participate but are welcome as paid observers on the floating activities island.
    • At check-in, you are required to present the credit card that was used to pay for your booking and matching valid photo identification. The name listed on your credit card must be identical to the contact name listed on your booking.
  • Jet Ski Restrictions:
    • You must be 16 to drive a Jet Ski
    • Must be 18+ years old to drive a minor
    • Must be 5 years old to ride with an adult (18+). Two minors may not ride together. 12-15 to drive with an adult
    • Weight Restrictions:
      • You must be able to get yourself back on the jet ski if you fall off.
      • Maximum weight is 250 pounds per person, to ride tandem with a total of 450 pounds on the ski. An individual must upgrade to solo at over 250 pounds.
      • If weight is a concern, you may be asked to upgrade to a solo ride.
    • No drinking alcohol, no drugs, no marijuana vape pens.
    • Cameras are not allowed – unless they are hands-free.
    • There are restrictions on jumping waves, doing donuts and other actions that are considered dangerous. Remember you are responsible for any damage to equipment, yourself or other participants. Violators are asked to leave the course and there is no refund.
    • This tour requires boat-to-boat transfers.
  • Parasail Restrictions:
    • Must be 8 years old to Parasail and weigh a minimum of 50 pounds.
    • 50-pound minimum weight
    • Maximum weight is 250 pounds per person/450 pounds total for two people. We fly tandem – guests must fit in harness/life jacket to participate
    • We take up to 6 people on the boat at a time including observers.
    • This tour requires boat-to-boat transfers.
  • Banana Boat Restrictions:
    • Must be 5 years old to ride
    • Up to 6 participants per banana boat ride (depending on total weight).
    • Everyone must have the ability to stay seated and hang on.
    • Everyone wears a life vest. The water is shallow and you can get quite damp.
    • This tour requires boat-to-boat transfers.
  • Bumper Tube Restrictions:
    • Must be 5 years old to ride
    • Young children are discouraged on the floating activities island on rough and/or windy days.
    • Up to 3 participants per bumper tube ride (depending on total weight).

Location: H2O Sports Hawaii
Address: 377 Keahole St Suite E 103, Honolulu, HI 96825
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/rDoYxiv2bfaJMYqY7

Parking: Free parking.

Check-in: Your reservation time is your check-in time. Check-in takes place in our Hawai’i Kai Shopping Center headquarters.

Special Notes:

  • Jet Skiing is done in an area designated by Hawaii state regulation.
  • Goggles are available for rent.

Activity Company: H2O Water Sports

What to Expect:

  • Your reservation time is your check-in time.
  • After you are signed in, we’ll ask you to wait on the back deck for our shuttle. It will take you to the Activity Platform.
  • Upon arrival you will be greeted by a Coordinator and placed in a group.
  • A bit of patience may be required, but once you get started, time will quickly fade from consideration.
  • When you finish your activities, catch the shuttle back to the office (it runs every 20 minutes or so).
  • Once you return to our office you will get to see the pictures and videos that we have captured for you.
  • We do our best to capture all of your experiences. Sometimes our equipment fails, or a staff member will make a mistake. And sometimes the ocean water just blurs the pictures. But we try!

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