Best Deals on Surfing Lessons in Hawaii

Surfing and Hawaii: Is there a more iconic duo?
Surfing has always been one of the cornerstones of Hawaiian traditions, sport and culture. All of this begs the questions: Is there a better place to learn how to surf than on the hallowed waters that gave birth to the sport?

Whether you have never stepped foot on a board in your life, or you are a veteran at carving waves, no trip to Hawaii is complete without a lesson, or catching a wave (or two!)

If you are new to the sports, or a veteran who just wants to soak in a little more information, you can take advantage of surf lessons that are guided by expert surfers who have been spending time on these waters surfing for generations. These experts are able to offer you some of the best surfing advice and instruction you will ever receive. You will also be able to do it all on the same shores that many, many world champions have surfed, trained and learned themselves.

The North Shore is full of places where you can rent surfboards, or book lessons. However, there are surf adventures available in nearly every area of Hawaii, which means you will be able to find an area that best suits your skills and confidence levels. Whether it is an easy first wave you are after, or a little bit more of a challenge you are looking for, the island has it all.

With all of the lessons and tutorials available, you can land in Hawaii never having touched a surfboard and be standing up by the end of your vacation. From beginner to catching huge waves on the Banzai pipeline, you will learn from the best and soak in some of the best surfing available in the entire world.

If you want to learn how to surf in Hawaii, these are some top experiences you should try:

Learn how to surf in historical Waikiki

Learn how to surf in historical Waikiki

private and semi private surfing lessons take place on the beaches of waikiki daily. When a private instructor you can enjoy one hour 20 min. of joyful surfing bliss before having the afternoon to experiment on a board yourself. This is a great introductory surfing lesson and it’s very close at hand if you are already staying in Waikiki.

North Shore surf lessons

Waikiki Surf Lessons

Hans Hedemann Surf School was established in 1995 and has since become the premier surfing school in Hawaii with locations in Waikiki and the North Shore of Oahu.
A team of lifeguard and CPR trained instructors and safety guides dedicate to an enriched Hawaiian Surfing experience to provide a great adventure for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced surfer.

Beginner surf lessons on the north shore:

Waikiki VIP Surf Lessons

Waikiki Beach and North Shore are some of the most iconic places to take your first surfing lesson. You will enjoy the beautiful backdrop of Waikiki or Turtle Bay Resort.
The VIP Surf Session is for the intermediate surfer looking for local knowledge on Hawaii breaks. This is the perfect package for someone with some surfing experience, who does not need beginner class, but not quite ready to surf with a Pro surfer.

North Shore surf lessons

North shore tours

sometimes you may need a bit of inspiration to have a true surfing adventure. North Shore Tours will take you to the pipeline and several other famous surfing spot so that you can see some of the best waves for surfing in the future. Watch as some of the pros and other brave travelers take to the waves and try to tame giant waves!

Consider some of these top experiences if you are going to head to Hawaii for an epic surfing vacation!