1 Hour 45 Minutes
Waikoloa, Big Island
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Experience a truly epic adventure! Explore the Big Island’s incomparable natural beauty and the awe-inspiring fury of Madame Pele’s volcanic badlands. Seek out the most spectacular lava flows, and witness the majestic Hamakua Coast’s black-sand beaches and towering sea cliffs. 

Fly into the dramatically deep and meandering valleys of the Kohala Mountains, and hover by gorgeous waterfalls that cascade thousands of feet into lush rainforest. Truly unforgettable. Tour routes and sights visited may vary according to wind and weather conditions.


  • Availability: Daily
  • Tour Times: 7:00 AM
  • Duration: 1 Hours 45 Minutes


  • We recommend wearing darker clothing to minimize any window reflections.
  • Don’t forget to bring your sunglasses and camera!


  • Our helicopters can accommodate six (6) passengers per flight. Seat assignments are determined by the weight needed to balance the aircraft. 
  • Hats and IPads are not allowed on the helicopter for safety reasons. We are happy to hold any personal items for your while you are on your tour. 
  • Children 24 months and over require an individual full-fare seat.
  • FAA regulations require us to weigh all guests and bags at check-in. We do this discreetly for your privacy. Please be as accurate as possible when providing weight information. Passengers who do not disclose accurate weights may be flown separately from their party on different aircraft.
  • For each guest weighing 250 pounds or more, an adjacent empty seat purchase is required to safely balance the aircraft. The charge for a comfort seat is reduced to 50% off of the regular tour price. 
  • Front Row Seating Policy: Combined front row seat weight must be under 319 lbs for A-Star tours and 470 lbs for Eco-Star tours and individual passenger weights must be under 250 lbs for A-Star and 260 lbs for Eco Star. Should actual weights during check-in exceed any of these limits guests will be accommodated in other seats and a refund will be made for the premium upgrade fee. Front row passengers must occupy their own seats and must be able to refrain from interfering with the pilot and instrumentation. Lap children cannot be accommodated in the front row. In the event of an emergency front row passengers must be able to receive instructions in English and be physically capable of operating exit doors. Our chair lifts are only able to access the rear row of seats therefore guests requiring a chair lift to board the helicopter cannot be accommodated in the front row.

Address: 68-690 Waikoloa Rd, Waikoloa Village HI 96738
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/QyGri5x1dxBf7M8J8

Special Notes:

  • Hawaii Helicopters is a Part 135 on Demand Air Carrier. Preferred times may be adjusted due to demand and availability. Flight departures are approximate and may change according to seasonality.

Activity Company: Hawaii Helicopters

Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 3 reviews
March 22, 2019

This is surely a great tour, my fiance and I did it and we were so happy to experience the Big Island from above. We saw the entire island, volcanos, waterfall and forests in the same tour. We recommend this to all people visiting Hawaii.

March 22, 2019

Big Island Spectacular tour is truly spectacular!!!. We loved every part of this experience, the thrill of flying on a helicopter can only be overshadowed by the wonderful sight from above, beautiful coastline, beautiful water cascades, and the impressive volcano made this tour unforgettable.

March 22, 2019

Awesome tour, it has everything- great narration, friendly pilot, and amazing views.

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