Kauai Movie Adventure Tour (K3)

A Kauai Movie Tour adventure for young and old, movie buffs and nature lovers! You’ll visit many famous sites on Kauai where Hollywood Blockbusters and TV shows were filmed. Your
7 hours 45 minutes

Waimea Canyon & Koke’e Adventure (K4)

Journey through the heart of Kauai’s countryside where you’ll ascend a vast mountain via a meandering road engulfed by trees and endless fields to reveal what Mark Twain aptly described
10 Hours
Lunch Included

Waimea Canyon, Wailua River & Fern Grotto (K1)

Experience Kauai’s most scenic marvels on the Fern Grotto, Waimea Canyon & Wailua River Tour. You’ll journey to one of the world’s most inspiring geological wonders, the Waimea Canyon and
9 Hours 45 Minutes
Waimea, Kauai

Ultimate Kauai Off-Road Ranch Tour

Join us for a beautiful and breathtaking 3-hour Kauai off-road scenic tour through Kipu Ranch. With diverse landscape, abundant wildlife, and spectacular views our signature tour makes Kipu Ranch one
9 years and older
3 hours

Waterfall Triple Trail Expedition

Kipu Ranch Adventures Waterfall Triple Trail Expedition holds nothing back. Here you’ll find well-maintained top of the line ultra-smooth suspension vehicles. At nearly double the mileage of our signature tour;
9 years and older
3 hours

Best Deals on Kauai Eco Tours

Kauai eco tours is a company that specializes in ATV experiences, wilderness tours, kayaking tours and more. The company specializes in organized hiking experiences were you can explore a number of the beautiful Hollywood blockbuster filming locations, canyons and more. ATV experiences ensure that you can get around quite easily and the experienced guides can help you learn more about the area throughout your hike or adventure.

Touring experiences range from 2.5 hours for a basic ATV ride to up to 12 hours for their Premier Fern grotto and River tour. As Kauai has been the filming location for many shows and Hollywood blockbusters, the adventure to her is one of the best ways that you can get a full backstage pass to some of your favorite locations in the area.

By securing your spot online you can make sure you can have access to a tour experience from a provider that values the ecology of the area. Each one of the eco-tours available here is designed to preserve the environment and offer the best experience to users.