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Coral Reef Dives – Waikiki

Our daily reef diving starts in the late morning (11:00 am-2:30 pm) and is great for newer divers, or for divers wanting a more casual experience on our shallow reefs.
10 years and older
3.5 Hours

Deep and Shallow Dive – Waikiki

Tailored for more experienced divers, our deep and shallow dive will take you to the some of the best sites off the coast of Oahu. We usually start with a
14 years and older
3 Hours 15 Minutes

Hawaiian Diving Adventures Discount & Deals

For amazing diving experiences that of Waikiki, this company is best known for catering to beginner divers. They offer 2 3-4 hour diving experiences which are perfect for introductory divers out of Waikiki. As specialists in shallow reef dives, they can structure a new divers the correct place to dive on the reef and the best practices for enjoying the reef while scuba diving.

In many cases these experiences can be combined with snorkeling and shallow diving for a fantastic time getting under the water and enjoying a Waikiki diving adventure.