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Best Tours & Activities in Ko Olina, Hawaii

Ko Olina is a residential and vacation community that can be found towards the leeward coast of the island of Oahu. The resort facility is 27 km to the direct northwest of Honolulu. The entire area has a coastal beach frontage that is made up of seven lagoon structures. For these lagoons are man-made and three are naturally occurring. Each one of these lagoons has their own white sand beach many of which are created with imported sand. There are four main vacation club resorts and hotels including the Disney resort and spa, a Marriott hotel, four seasons and a new Atlantis property. A series of condos are also available for rent in this area

Ko Olina has become a popular destination for a number of events including the LPGA tournament championship, the children’s film and music Festival as well as the Hawaii wine and food festival. This area was originally a sacred area for relaxation for Hawaiian chiefs and now it stands as a principal relaxation location for many travellers.