Wailua Sacred Falls Guided Paddle and Hike Tour 4

Wailua Falls is a waterfall in Kauai that is a must-see attraction during your stay. If you’ve ever fantasized about the idea of a double tiered Hawaiian waterfall, this is a beautiful hiking experience that you can take on throughout your stay in Hawaii. This is one of the most heavily photographed waterfalls throughout the Hawaiian Islands and it’s quite possible that you may recognize it as soon as you see it. This is a waterfall that was heavily featured in the opening scene of Fantasy Island.

Wailua Sacred Falls Guided Paddle and Hike Tour 4Wailua Falls has been a very popular tourist destination since it was first featured in the 1970s throughout the television series. The waterfall has also appeared in a variety of different postcards as well as in many tourist guides for Kauai. Unlike many of the waterfalls in this area, this one requires hardly any hiking at all. While others require some extensive hikes, this is available just off of the parking lot that overlooks the falls. You can park your car, see the front of the falls or get out and walk to the observation area. The beauty of these falls have definitely earned international respect.

By going at the right time of day you can enjoy a very unique affect that these falls can produce. As the newest extends from the falls during brighter parts of the day, you can notice that the falls almost produce their own rainbow effect. The bright light coming off of the falls as well as the rainbow mist will surely shock you when you get close to the waterfall effect.

When you see the falls and experience an unusually high level of precipitation on the island, you may notice that the falls turn into a large and raging river. With a particularly high flow from this waterfall, you can enjoy seeing the waterfall extend into a magnificent torrent of water. Seeing this waterfall during some of the wettest seasons of the year can be a truly staggering experience. You will be truly humbled at the power of nature here.

The water at Wailua falls drops from a height of 85 feet and into a pool of nearly 30 feet deep. This is not a waterfall that we would consider diving off of and several visitors have actually paid dearly for trying to do so. Ancient Hawaiian men were said to have jumped off of this waterfall in order to prove their manhood but today this is an act that is widely discouraged.

There are two trails that can allow you to get to the bottom of the falls rather than jumping off into the pool which is widely discouraged. There’s a trail with a guard rail toward the end of the parking lot which is considered to be the more dangerous of the two. Going around a quarter-mile down the road, you can find a less steep hiking trail that’s a little safer. The county in control of the waterfall advises against both of the hikes. In fact you can take on these hikes at your own risk.

For the best safety in viewing the waterfall it is enjoyed from the overlook. It is also highly advisable to not throw items down into the pool below. There are generally people that hiked to the bottom of the falls and there is a chance that they could be hit if you decide to throw something down into the waterfall.

Going to see these falls with a local guide can be an excellent way that you can learn more about the area or potentially find yourself enjoying some other local attractions along the way. If you are in Kauai, this is an attraction that you can`t afford to miss!

Wailua Falls: Everything you need to know