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2 Hours
Lahaina Harbor, Maui
1:45PM, 11:15AM, 4:00PM, 6:45AM, 9:00AM
5 years and older
6 Hours
Lahaina Harbor, Maui
4 years and older
4 Hours
Lahaina Harbor, Maui

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Spend the day in the ocean with Makai Adventures trip!

Makai Adventure is a private charter experience on Maui which gives you the chance to have ultimate fun and enjoy a real-life ocean fun.

Our crew is friendly and very knowledgeable about the history and lore of Hawaii and has years of experience. We are always ready to make your tour a great one. You enjoy stops at different memorable spots on the Island of Lanai and excellent experience with real aquatic life. Providing you with facts and information about each landmark.

We put all in place to provide you with a comfortable powerboat which only takes small groups to our favourite places, with enough of room for each person and we make provisions for photography both onboard and underwater. And we take you to the less-visited and secluded areas on the island such as cliffs of the Kona Coast of Lanai where you have a chance to enjoy whale and other sea life watching, witness dolphins jump and play, have a chilling snorkelling time, bottom fishing, and take part in many other exciting activities.

Join our Makai adventure and make your trip a memorable one.