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Best Tours & Activities in Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii

Kaneohe bay remains one of the largest bodies of water sheltered in the Hawaiian Islands with reefs scattered throughout the area. This is a very popular area for many tourists to snorkel and dive amongst the Windward Coast. This area features some of the largest population density on Oahu and it is a very popular tourist site for diving and underwater exploration. There are plenty of rental locations for water sports items and several significant scenic features throughout the island as well.

Across the deeper northern channel of the Bay there is a ship channel that has been dredged extensively to offer close access to shipping items through the bay. The southern and features a large barrier reef which remains a dive site for travelers.

Major features from this area also include Coconut Island which is a popular tourism site for its filming location with Gilligan’s Island. Pirates of the Caribbean four was also filmed almost exclusively on this bay.