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Sunshine Helicopters Discount & Deals

Sunshine Helicopters is a company that is into helicopter tours along with various sightseeing tours that include Hawaii Big Island, Grand Canyon, Molokai, and Maui. With Sunshine Helicopters you can soar the wonderful blue skies as well Hawaiian Islands in their well maintained helicopter. Sunshine Helicopters offer amazing aerial views through air tours of Hawaii that includes Haleakala National park, dormant volcano national park, Maui Island etc.

Their helicopters are equipped with cam video, intercom, air conditioned cabins etc. The helicopters are environment friendly and are upgraded frequently. Their helicopters use 10-15% less fuel as compared to their competitors and thus their guests get competitive rates which save lot of money for them.

Sunshine Helicopters also arrange tours for private charters, special events and groups. With their well designed tours you can explore jungle vegetation, hidden valleys, rugged coastline, rainforest, waterfalls and many more elegant views that you would have never seen before.