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Doors Off Adventure – 50 Minute Helicopter Tour

More Than a Tour: It's an Experience! Feel the wind in your hair. Embrace the elements. There’s nothing between you and the sky. For a truly great helicopter adventure, fly
50 Minutes
Near HNL Intl Airport

Magnum Helicopters Discount & Deals

Magnum Helicopters offers an amazing helicopter adventure for all those who love helicopter tours. With Magnum Helicopters you can feel the wind tickling your hair. They do not just offer a tour but an experience that most photographers would love to explore.

They have tried to replicate the iconic helicopter shown in television series Magnum P.I. The aircraft model gives you unlimited fun and an amazing flying experience. Magnum Helicopters lets you enjoy 50 minute enthralling tour with 2 way communications with the pilot. You also get free shuttle service from Waikiki and can experience open cockpit.

The door off adventure tour offered by Magnum Helicopters is not just a ride but an adventure that takes you through similar tour as that of Hidden Oahu and you can get perfect view from every seat with no obstructions like doors. Most photographers prefer taking this tour as they can get to shoot from the perfect location.