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5 years and older
4 Hours
Koloa, Kauai
3-4 Hours
1:00PM, 12:00PM, 7:30AM, 8:00AM

Kauai ATV Discount & Deals

Kauai ATV is one of the few tour operators that stand out for its unique tour features. They help you activate your senses and enjoy the beautiful sights of flora and fauna. Just travel through arid farmland and rich tropical forests enjoying the streaming waterfalls.

Kauai ATV takes a halt to show you the panoramic views, popular movie sites and take the pictures of its varied and royal history. You can taste the local snacks plus beverage while frisking in mountain water pool.

Kauai ATV arranges for private tours as well that are ideal for any occasion. Kauai ATV also helps you enjoy the 3-4 hour perfect adventure tour that walks you through the historical plantations. You can experience the thrill of distinct road trials that includes hidden tunnels, Hawaiian jungle and many more adventures to discover. If you want to make most of waterfall tour offered by Kauai ATV bring in your swimming costumes.