Maui Hiking & Climbing

If you are going to be traveling to Maui during your time in Hawaii, you are going to want to explore some of the most popular areas that this island has to offer. Maui is a beautiful place for its eco friendly tourism and the island has a wide range of fun activities to enjoy during your time there. Going to Maui and enjoying a tour experience is probably one of the best ways that you can learn more about the island and really unlock the true potential that Maui has to offer. From Haleakala national Park, to traditional luaus, to fishing to her is and extreme excursions, Maui has some amazing adventures waiting for you. Here are some of the top activities that you can enjoy during your trip to Maui:

Maui Eco Tours biking at sunrise

Maui Eco Tours biking at sunrise A Maui biking tour at sunrise can be one of the greatest experiences that you can have on the island. This is one of the most fantastic ways that you can explore the Haleakala National park and enjoy a panoramic view of the crater area along the coastline. This experience is open the bikers of 12 years of age and older and right aligned experiences for eight-year-olds and older. The biking experience can often be better than choosing the hike as you can cover more ground and make it to more of the photo opportunities more efficiently.

Road to Hana

This eco-friendly experience takes you to a variety of waterfalls and across beautiful bridges through a 12 hour eco friendly tour. The organizer has thought of everything in this full-day trip across Maui. Learn from experienced guides and explore the area with transportation included throughout. This is an experience that you won’t soon forget through the Road to Hana.

Helicopter tours through Maui/ The earlybird

Learning to surf 101

The early bird to her is available at 8:30 AM and after 2pm. This is one of the premier experiences to check out some of the craters and some of the waterfalls in remote areas across Maui. If you’re looking for some of the most prestigious views of the Haleakala crater and a series of other areas across the island, this is a fantastic way that you can get picture-perfect shots from the air while exploring the remote areas of Maui.

Ziplining through Maui adventure combo

Zip lining through some of the tranquil forest areas of Maui and taking in a number of beautiful tropical sights can be one of the finest ways that you can enjoy the islands. The excitement of zip lining here takes you through the fun of the waterfalls and the forest areas in Kahului. See the beautiful eucalyptus trees and enjoy making your way through this area with an experienced guide.

Learning to surf 101

Maui has a rich surfing culture and there are a number of excellent excursions were you can take to the surf and pick up some of the basics yourself. If you are exploring Maui and you want to make sure that you can learn how to surf during your time in Hawaii, you can make sure that these lessons will provide you with the pointers that you need in quality surf lessons. 2 hour surf lessons here can take you through all the basics you need to stand up on the board and take your surfing knowledge home with you.

Kayaking adventures in Maui

snorkeling and kayaking tours throughout Maui are quite popular as are a number of kayak rentals. Snorkeling and kayaking together with an experienced guide will put you on top of some of the best diving reefs in the area. This waterfall hike and snorkeling experience will take you out to the calmest parts of the ocean surrounding Maui. You may even be lucky enough to see a sea turtle or some of the colorful and inquisitive fish that live amongst the reefs in this area. This 7.5 hour excursion is the best way to combine snorkeling and paddling together in one unique experience.

Jungle waterfall hike

Maui is home to a number of different waterfalls including some that span up to 270 feet in multiple levels. During this experience you can go with a skilled guide up to the West Maui Mountains. You can explore a wide range of these levels and enjoy a hiking experience that explores some of the hidden waterfalls throughout the area. With many beautiful waterfalls and incredible hiking experiences, you can make the most of your time in Maui with this five-hour hike through remote trails with many photo opportunities along the way.

If you are planning on a trip to Maui any one of these unique experiences will certainly give you a memorable trip during your stay. You are going to love the sheer amount of adventure that awaits you in Maui. Consider any one of these top excursions during your visit!