8 years and older
1 Hour 45 Minutes
Big Island, Kohala Airport
10:30AM, 2:00PM, 8:00AM
Tour Times

The Doors-Off Kohala Waterfalls & Remote Hike is the first and only doors-off helicopter tour deep into the heart of the spectacular Kohala valleys. There is no better way to experience and learn about the geography, history and incomparable lush beauty of Kohala, birthplace of King Kamehameha, than our doors-off tour. Once you are in these valleys, your camera will be the only thing between you and the towering 2500’ waterfalls and sheer cliff faces – talk about epic social media posts!

Mid-flight your aircraft will touch down at a remote location deep in Kohala Mountains to explore and enjoy a moderate 0.5 mile pilot-led hike through a waiwi forest. The meandering trail immerses you in the flora and fauna of Kohala and surprises you with a dramatic coastline vista, offering views of the Mokupuku island formations and waves crashing along the rugged north shore of Hawaii Island. All the while you will learn about the culture and diverse natural habitat of this untouched serene location that most people never see. After your refreshing hike, take to the air again, and enjoy views of the rolling hills of Kohala as you make your way back to Waimea.


  • 2500′ waterfalls and sheer cliff faces
  • Rugged shorelines
  • Waterfalls and rugged coastlines
  • Birthplace of Kamehameha the Great
  • Guava forest
  • Landing and hike to beautiful lookout point


  • Air tour flown in a Hughes MD 500 (up to 4 guests) or Bell 407 (up to 6 guests)
  • Remote landing along Kohala coast for moderate hike. Ideal for active adults and active children over the age of 8.
  • Two-way communication between you, your pilot, and your group


  • Availability: Friday
  • Tour time: 8:00 AM, 10:30 AM, 2:00 PM
  • Duration: 1 Hour 45 Minutes*

*Approx. total duration is 2 hours 5 min (includes 30 min check in time, 35 minutes flight time, 45-60 min ground tour time)


  • Please wear long pants, a light jacket and closed-toe shoes.


  • Guests should not go SCUBA diving less than 24 hours before their flight departure time.
  • The minimum age requirement is 8 years old.
  • Children must be at least 12 years old to sit next to an open door while aircraft is in flight.
  • Each guest weighing 270 lbs. or more must purchase an extra seat for weight and balance purposes. The extra seat is discounted by 15% (before fuel surcharge). All guests who purchase an extra seat are guaranteed a window seat.
    Weights for all guests are requested at the time of booking, and their accuracy is essential to ensure the comfort and safety of all guests. To ensure safety, we weigh all guests at check-in, and if we are unable to fly a guest due to an inaccurate weight provided at the time of booking, no refund will be made. By maintaining proper weight and balance in our aircraft we can provide guests with a safe, smooth, and comfortable Experience on Paradise Helicopters.
  • Picture ID matching the credit card used for the purchase will be confirmed at check-in.
  • We will not cancel a flight due to the weather unless it is unsafe to fly. Weather can change quickly so our pilots are checking weather continuously for safety and visibility concerns, and any decision to cancel due to weather is not made until right before a flight departs. We will fly if it is raining, but not if the visibility is poor.
  • Cancellation Policy is 48 hours prior to your tour time.
  • For Doors-Off Flights:
    • Please bring a jacket as the cabin will be cool and very windy.
    • If you wish to take photos during the flight, your camera or phone must have a strap and be secured to you.
    • No hats or other loose accessories such as scarves are permitted on the flight.
    • We will ask you to empty your pockets before your flight to remove anything that could potentially become airborne, including camera lenses or personal items.
    • Closed-toe shoes required and may not have open backs
    • Prescription glasses and sunglasses may be worn on doors-off flights as your 2-way communication headset will pin them securely to your head. If they are not worn, we will ask you to leave them behind.
    • If you have longer hair, we recommend tying it back.
    • No ipads or selfie sticks are allowed.

Location: Waimea – Kohala Airport
Address: Waimea-Kohala Airport Rd, Waimea, HI 96743
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/rXZZ1M5EkWCRWmcb6

Parking: There is free parking at Waimea-Kohala Airport.

Check-in: Please check-in for your flight 30 minutes prior to departure.

Special Notes:

  • Moderate: Ideal for active adults and active children over the age of 8.

Activity Company: Paradise Helicopters