3 hours
Lahaina, Maui
Buffet Dinner
Seasonal: 5:15pm, 5:45pm or 6:15pm
Tour Times
Best Of Hawaii

The Old Lahaina Lu’au takes great pride in presenting an authentic Hawaiian Lu’au. An evening of traditional Hawaiian cuisine, music, cultural dances and demonstrations. Guests will appreciate a genuine reflection of Hawaii’s rich history while enjoying an ocean view and sunset.


A bountiful buffet of regional cuisine with enough variety to satisfy everyone’s palate. (See below for more details). Premium open bar included throughout the evening.


An award winning presentation of traditional Hawaiian music and hula which culminate the evening. (See below for more details)


All seats are reserved and prioritized by the date a reservation is initially confirmed. Guests may choose from our Traditional Hawaiian Mat seating, or our regular Conventional Tables and Chairs. Please confirm your preferred seating style at the time of reservation, as it is difficult to change after all guests have arrived. Please let us know of any special considerations such as infants, wheelchair, etc.

Description of Evening:

Aloha Greeting:  

  • Guests are individually greeted with a fresh flower lei, tropical drink, and a personalized souvenir program. Premium open bar included throughout the evening.  
  • Lu’au hosts escort guests to reserved seats and acquaint them with our Lu’au grounds.  
  • Professional photographers are available to capture the evening’s memories (no obligation to purchase).  
  • Hawaiian music presented by Na Leo Ho’oulu.

Laulima & Imu Presentation:  

  • During the first hour, guests can learn about our fascinating Hawaiian history and culture in our laulima (working together) area, along the ocean’s edge.  
  • Guests may gather as the kalua pig is unearthed from the “Imu”, our traditional Hawaiian underground oven.

The Feast (Pa’ina Ahiahi):  

  • Hosts escort guests to the Hale ‘Ai (Eating House). Traditional Hawaiian cuisine includes: Pua’a Kalua (Kalua Pig), Lau lau (Pork wrapped in Lu’au leaf steamed to perfection), Poi, Poke ‘Ahi (marinated raw Ahi tuna), He’e Poke (marinated cooked octopus/tako), Big Island Sweet Potato, Pipi Ko’ala (Grilled beef steak), Chicken Long Rice, Island Style Chicken, Mea’ai Ola Pono (Taro, Sweet, Potato, & Tofu Patty), served with a side of Pineapple Salsa & Garlic Chili Vinaigrette. Maui Style Fish (Chef’s special preparation). Roasted Assorted Vegetables, Local Style Fried Rice, Island Crab Salad, Pohole Salad (fern shoots), Lomi Lomi Salmon, Banana Bread, Fresh Island Fruits, Assorted Island Desserts, Freshly baked Palaoa (Dinner Rolls). (subject to change without notice)


Upon sunset, the evening’s main entertainment begins. Our award-winning production tells the story of the Hawaiians. We are proud to present the Hula as it was meant to be performed with the respect and honor of our Ancestors. Beginning with the history of the Polynesian migration, then to the ancient Hawaiian Hula, followed by the evolution to a more contemporary style Hula.

~ Otea- Our program begins with the early migration of the Polynesians across the Pacific to the “new islands” of Hawaii.

~ Kahiko- The ancient Hula was a way of communicating with the Gods. It is accompanied by chanting, and traditional implements and is performed with respect for our ancestors.

~ Missionaries and the Merrie Monarch- The missionaries brought many changes. We present Hula depicting this era as well as celebrating King Kalakaua.

~Auana- The modern Hula was influenced by immigrants and tourism. Hula dancers tell their stories through their graceful moves, subtle eyes and lovely hula hands.


  • Available Days: Daily
  • Tour Times: Seasonal
    • June 1 st – August 31st: Meet at 6:15 pm. Luau ends at 9:15 pm.
    • September 1 st – September 30th & March 1 st – May 31st: Meet at 5:45 pm. Luau ends at 8:45 pm.
    • October 1st – February 28th: Meet at 5:15 pm. Luau ends at 8:15 pm
  • Duration: 3 Hours

Location: Old Lahaina Luau

Address: 1251 Front St, Lahaina, HI 96761

Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/WqibmEYCee12


Pua’a Kalua

Pork roasted in our beachside Imu; the Hawaiian underground oven

Lau Lau – Lu’au leaf wrapped pork

Succulent bundles of pork wrapped in taro leaf and cooked until tender.

I’a – Maui Style Fish

Chef’s Special Preparation with fresh seasonal ingredients

Pipi Ko’ala

Grilled Beef Steak

Chicken Long Rice

Shredded Chicken, Maui onions, ginger and rice bean noodles in broth

Moa – Island Style Chicken

Chicken marinated with fresh island flavors

Mea’ai Ola Pono – Taro, Sweet Potato, and Tofu Patty served with a side of Pineapple Salsa and Garlic Chili Vinaigrette

(Vegetarian / Vegan / Gluten Free)

Roasted Assorted Vegetables

Butternut Squash, Yellow Squash Zucchini, White Onions, Red Bell Peppers, Carrots, Broccoli Crowns, Cherry Tomato

Local-Style Fried Rice

Fried rice with green onions, peas, and sesame oil

‘Uala – Sweet Potato

Warm sliced Big Island sweet potatoes

Island Crab Salad

Crab, shrimp and water chestnuts

Lu’au Kalo – Taro Leaf Stew

Taro and Lu’au leaf combined with creamy coconut milk for an authentic island favorite.

Pohole Salad

Fern shoots, Maui onions, and tomatoes served in a vinaigrette sauce

Lomi Lomi Salmon

Local tomatoes, Maui onions, and salted salmon – Lomi lomi or “massaged” together with Aloha

Poke ‘Ahi

Fresh raw ahi (yellow fin tuna) with green onions and Maui onions

Poke He’e

Marinated cooked octopus/tako


Made from boiling and mashing the root of the taro plant

Tossed Greens with Maui Onion Dressing or Papaya Seed Dressing

Fresh Island Fruit & Banana Bread

Fresh seasonal fruits and banana bread

Assorted Island Desserts

Guava Cake, Kiawe Bean Tart, Hawaiian Chocolate Brownie, and Haupia

(Subject to change without notice)