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The grandeur and silence of Haleakala provide a profound experience

  • Hike into both sides of Haleakala; each environment is very different from the other, so both should be experienced to gain a true appreciation for this natural phenomenon.
  • Two-mile hike at the 10,000-foot summit where huge cinder cones dominate the desert-like, expansive scenery.
  • Another two-mile hike at 8,000 ft. on a lava trail lined with rare native plant species.
  • Views stretch for miles in all directions.
  • Nutritious lunch and snacks included.

A visit to Maui is not complete without experiencing Haleakala Crater—a magnificent amphitheater of silence, and a place of beauty that always evokes awe. Our crater tour offers an adventure through two very different environments high up on this dormant volcano. On a clear day, it seems you can see forever.


  • Available Thursdays
  • 9:30am – 4:30pm (transportation adds time to the tour)
  • 7 Hour Trip


Shoes to Wear on our Tours

  • For the waterfall / rainforest hikes: Running shoes or sports sandals (like Tevas, Chacos or Keens).
  • For the Four-mile Crater Hike: Running shoes are perfectly suitable. There’s no need to bring hiking boots unless you want to (they do take up a lot of suitcase space).
  • Your shoes may get muddy, dirty, and/or wet on any of our hikes.

Clothing for our Tours

  • For the waterfall / rainforest hikes: Shorts and short-sleeved shirts or t-shirts are best. If mosquitoes really bother you (your guide carries repellent), you could wear long pants and a long-sleeved shirt. Also, you’ll want to wear your swimsuit so you can swim in the waterfall pools (optional).
  • For the Four-mile Crater Hike: The weather is often cool or cold (the altitude is 10,000 feet); then it can warm up as you hike. So layered clothing is best, including a jacket, down vest, sweatshirt, or sweater. You guide will also carry extra jackets.

Additional Items to Bring for the Day

  • Towel: Waterfall trips include swimming (optional)
  • Sunscreen: Helpful on any tour, but essential on the Haleakala Crater trip
  • Camera & Phone: Please bring a Ziploc or a plastic bag to prevent any damage from moisture
  • You are responsible for any personal equipment you choose to bring along

Restrictions and Requirements:

  • 4 persons minimum to book – please call for bookings of 1-3 people
  • $150 tip for groups of 7 or more
  • Minimum age is 8
  • We run our tours in most weather conditions, but reserve the right to alter tour parameters if safety issues arise.

Click here if you want to read our Participation Agreement.You will be required to sign this on the day of the hike.

Complimentary transportation included when available.

For drive-outs, please meet us at the Park and Ride in Kahului, located at the intersection of Highway 311 & Highway 380 in Kahului (a couple of miles from the airport). For a link to Google Maps, click here.

Additional Details

  • The Park & Ride meeting location is along a large concrete wall with a single row of parking facing Hwy 380 west of Hwy 311 just before entering Kahului.
  • GPS – No physical address, but it is at the Intersection of Highways 311 & 380.
  • Exact coordinates: 20 degrees, 52 minutes, 30 seconds north, 156 degrees, 27 minutes, 43 seconds west
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