16 years and older
30 Minutes
Lahaina, Maui
Available 8am to 5pm
Tour Times

Have you ever wanted to feel like a superhero and defy gravity? Well now you can with a Flyboard in Ka’anapali.

We now offer Flyboard training and rentals for anyone 16 years of age and older. The learning curve is so unbelievably low that most people are flying around within the first minute and are comfortable with the controls in the first five minutes. So come on down and surf the skies with us!

The Flyboard attaches to a jet ski by way of a 60 foot hose giving the rider the potential to soar 45 feet in the air. There is always an instructor on the jet ski for safety and to give pointers to the rider. Riders will be taught how to surf through the sky and dive like a dolphin if they choose to do so. The rider can communicate with the instructor and go as high as they are comfortable with or stay five feet off of the water. Because the experience is so surreal, any height feels two to three times higher than you actually are.


  • How hard is the Flyboard?
    The Flyboard is much easier than most people think. Because the center of gravity is below the rider’s feet, the movement is very natural. The controls are intuitive and at its basic, it is as easy as standing up.
  • Will I fall?
    You probably will because like any sport, there is an element of risk but it is kept at a minimum for beginners. Our instructors are trained to give thorough directions and teach the rider the controls as well as proper techniques for entering the water.
  • What if I can’t do it?
    If you follow the instructions you will be able to fly. Because it is so intuitive and natural, most people are flying within 2 minutes.
  • How high can I go?
    That depends on how quickly you grasp the controls of the Flyboard. There is the potential to soar up to 45 feet high. It is also limited by the power of the jet ski as well as the weight of the rider.
  • Can I do tricks?
    Of course you can once you have the grasp of the basic controls. Some beginners are skilled enough to land more advanced tricks on their first time on the Flyboard. It all depends on rider skill.


  • Availability: Monday to Sunday
  • Tour Time: Choose between 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM tour
  • Duration: 30 Minutes

Requirements and Restrictions:

  • 16 years of age or older
  • Participant weight between 85 and 315 pounds
  • Pregnant women cannot participate
  • Maximum 2 people per hour

Meeting Location:

We are located on the south end of Ka’anapali Beach at two locations: one location next to the Hyatt Regency Maui and another location beach fronting Whaler’s Village Ka’anapali. Check in with our employee under the RED Umbrella on the beach. We shuttle our customers out to the Jet Ski platform on an inflatable boat.


  • Ample parking at Hanakoa’o Beach Park (Canoe Beach) in Lahaina or you can pay $5 Valet parking at the Hyatt Regency Maui or Whalers Village Shopping Center.

Special Notes:

  • Please check in 30 minutes prior to your scheduled activity time.

Activity Company: Maui Water Sports