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With a lifetime of knowledge exploring these beautiful mountain ranges, we want to offer more than just your top 5 tourist hikes.

Come explore hidden waterfalls, mountain tops, or scenic bird sanctuaries on one of our hiking tours. Learn about the plants and wildlife that surrounds you, and also the Hawaiian history of the area that we are exploring.

We have such a passion and respect for the aina (land), we want to make sure your not just walking past the beauty, but connect on a deeper level with the beauty and mana (power) that surrounds you.


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5.00 based on 2 reviews
October 15, 2017

Really loved hiking with you all today. Thank you so much for capturing pictures of me and my family along the lookouts. The waterfall soak was one of the best parts of this hike!

February 1, 2018

This hike has it all from waterfalls to incredible mountain ranges for hiking up. We took pictures of tropical birds and even got to see some very rare plants and foliage on our hike. This was an amazing experience you have got to try if you love wildlife.

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