1.5 Hours
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Outdoor Yoga Experience

Enjoy the serenity of Oahu and experience its natural beauty.

The Destination Yoga Experience starts out with a short walk to a secluded area less frequented by visitors so that you will be ensured peace and privacy at the practice. With the ocean at your front and the Ko’olau mountains surrounding you, this immersive experience will be one to remember. The practice will be a mixed vinyasa flow with an emphasis on meditation and being present in your surroundings.

You will have the choice of an ocean front yoga experience with green mountains on either side of you or a mountain setting with a more meditative flow and view of the rainforest valley below you.

Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 2 reviews
September 2, 2017

I regularly attend a hot yoga class back at home and I was really missing it. This was an experience I wish I could’ve done every day of my vacation.

February 1, 2018

My wife regularly attends yoga classes at home and I wanted to surprise her with a fun experience. Even though was my first time I really enjoyed the experience taking in all of the nature and the mountains. She was happy to get back into yoga on vacation and I even join her at home now!

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