Best Of Hawaii

Hanauma Bay Snorkeling – Hawaii Kai

The most convenient and reliable shuttle service from Waikiki to Hanauma Bay for a snorkeling tour. With its diverse population of marine life, as well as a large and rich
5 Hours
Hawaii Kai, Oahu

Hawaiian Beauty: Diamond Head Hike and Rainforest, Waterfalls and Movie Sites Hike

Experience the mesmerizing views in Honolulu on this hiking tour! On this Oahu hiking tour you’re picked up from your Waikiki hotel and taken to Diamond Head at 6:20 a.m.
5 Hours

Land & Sea: Diamond Head Hike & Hanauma Bay Snorkeling

Combine the best trips on Oahu all into one! This Waikiki hiking and snorkeling tour is the best way to explore the island by land and sea. Begin your hiking
8 Hours

Makapu’u Point Lighthouse Trail Hike & Halona Blowhole – Waimanalo

The most convenient and reliable shuttle service from Waikiki to Makapuu Hiking Trail. Get a shuttle from Waikiki and hike the beautiful Makapuu Lighthouse Trail. During this easy Oahu hike,
4 Hours
Oahu, Waimanalo

Rainforest, Waterfalls and Movie Sites Hike – Manoa Falls

An incredible adventure through the Valley to the awe-inspiring Falls. This Oahu waterfalls hiking tour includes a shuttle from your Waikiki hotel to the Rainforest with round-trip service. The driver
3.5 Hours
Manoa, Oahu

Oahu Sugar Cane Tour

One plant shaping Hawaii’s history, from the arrival of early Polynesians to contemporary island society. One plant representing sweetness, struggle, sacrifice and accomplishment. One plant – sugar cane – with
Approx. 5 Hours

Oahu Grand Circle Island with Blowhole, Kualoa Ranch & Dole Plantation

Take a 120-mile excursion around the beautiful island of Oahu where you’ll see and experience some of the many natural and cultural landmarks the island has to offer. From the
9.5 Hours

Pearl Harbor and Oahu Circle Island Tour

Enjoy the best that Oahu has to offer on this unique tour, visit the number one visitor destination Pearl Harbor and the Arizona Memorial, and continue your day taking in
10 Hours

Classic Circle Island Sight Seeing

Visit Oahu's most beautiful viewpoints and try a taste of local cuisine! With stops at major destinations and viewpoints, we make our way to the North Shore where we visit
8 Hours

Kualoa Grown Farm-to-Table Tour

The Kualoa Grown Farm-to-Table tour is a totally immersive culinary experience allows guests to learn and taste many of the products raised and grown at Kualoa Farms. Explore Kualoa’s livestock
7 years or older
3 hours

1 Hr Guided Mountain e-Bike Adventure Tour of Kualoa’s Jurassic Valley

Our new Mountain e-Bike tour is an eco-friendly way to explore Kualoa, offering a more “down-to-earth” and sustainable experience. With the specialized Yamaha engines that assist you while going up
1.5 Hour

Kayak, Snorkel & Restore the Ecosystem – Kaneohe

This package includes Lunch, and offers a fun experience that will give you new insights into Hawaiian nature. The day begins with an educational briefing, explanation of tasks and the
7 Hours

Best Deals on Eco Tours in Oahu

Oahu eco tours offers some of the most beautiful viewpoints of the island in a classical circle island tour. The purpose of this experiences to taste local cuisine as well as stop a number of destinations that have beautiful viewpoints. If you want to experience the North Shore and explore the full island experience, Oahu eco tours is one of the finest ways that you can make sure you see the full island.

This classic sightseeing experience includes pickup and the parts at 7 AM. As a complete eight hour tour, the provider delivers this eco tour as a daily experience. With stops at the Dole pineapple plantation, lunch at the shrimp truck, a view of China men’s hat and a stop at the macadamia nut Farm, you can enjoy the best in eco-friendly tour experiences throughout greater Oahu. The itinerary changes quite regularly but this remains one of the most efficient ways that you can see a large number of sites throughout the island all on one efficient pathway.