Best Of Hawaii

Big Island: Maunakea Summit and Stars – Kona

Our journey from sea level to nearly 14,000 foot summit of Mauna Kea reveals the wonders and world-class clarity of the Hawaiian night sky. We utilize an 11” Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain
16 years and older
8 Hours

Big Island: Mauna Kea Stellar Explorer (Hilo)

Start your adventure in quaint Hilo town where you’ll drive along the historic waterfront before arriving at Rainbow Falls. This iconic waterfall right off a postcard features an 80 foot
7 Hours

Big Island: Mauna Kea Stellar Explorer (Kona/Kohala)

The adventure starts with an afternoon journey to Mauka Meadows Coffee Farm, home to the biggest name in coffee in Japan, Doutor. Learn all about the estate grown Kona Coffee
7 Hours

Big Island: Zippin’ Volcano (Kona/Kohala)

Take your need for speed to new heights on this thrilling zipline and Volcano adventure.
5 years and older
13 Hours

Best Deals on Mauna Kea Packages

Mauana Key offers a big island eco-tour activity where you can begin at the Muka meadows coffee farm. This is one of the largest coffee producers for Japan. Mauna Kea also includes a private barbecue style dinner, a sample of coffee, teas and honey. The grounds have one of the largest infinity pool in Hawaii and this gathering spot for the morning will be the departure point for your journey.

Also included along the path includes a solar telescope, beautiful lava flows and trained experts at each site to discuss matters like volcanology in the history of the area. This 6.5 hour experience will help you enjoy some beautiful stargazing, enjoy world-class coffee and honey as well as learn more about the area and its volcanic history. This is a rain or shine tour and the itinerary does change slightly based off of the time of sunset and the season. Book ahead now so that you can get this amazing experience on the Big island.