Best Of Hawaii

Maui: Valley Isle Tour

Every Hawaiian Island has a nickname; Maui being, The Valley Isle. Whether you prefer more sightseeing or activities, experience the diversity Maui has to offer by taking the liberty of
8-9 Hours

Maui: Hana Tours

Have an unforgettable experience driving around Haleakala Volcano through the lush rainforest of East Maui with a private guide expert. Whether you prefer more sightseeing or activities, there are countless
10 Hours

Maui: Deluxe Hana Tour

Bring your Ohana (family and friends) and enjoy one of our world’s most scenic & captivating roads. Our Ohana will take you around Maui’s eastern volcano to see breathtaking ocean
9.5 Hours

Maui – Heavenly Hana Tour

Discover Hana, the jewel of the Valley Isle, on this breathtaking adventure. Deeply steeped in Hawaiian ways, this cultural treasure in East Maui is accessible via a narrow, winding road
11 Hours

Best Deals On Island Tours in Maui

Maui is an island that can often be difficult to see all at once. Booking a tour with an experienced guide can be one of the best ways that you can see the island in its totality and make sure that you are also catching all of the major attractions. Maui island tours with the help of an experienced tour guide will help to make sure that you can take a route that is most efficient and designed for your group.

Maui island tours are available based off your mobility level and the type of information you want to learn about the island. If you want a tour that teaches you about the history of the island, there are speciality experiences for you, there are tours focusing on the wildlife and more. Check back to see more of the best Maui island tours for you to book during your vacation!