Maui: Valley Isle Tour

Every Hawaiian Island has a nickname; Maui being, The Valley Isle. Whether you prefer more sightseeing or activities, experience the diversity Maui has to offer by taking the liberty of
8-9 Hours

Maui: Hana Tours

Have an unforgettable experience driving around Haleakala Volcano through the lush rainforest of East Maui with a private guide expert. Whether you prefer more sightseeing or activities, there are countless
10 Hours

Maui: Deluxe Hana Tour

Bring your Ohana (family and friends) and enjoy one of our world’s most scenic & captivating roads. Our Ohana will take you around Maui’s eastern volcano to see breathtaking ocean
9.5 Hours

Maui – Heavenly Hana Tour

Discover Hana, the jewel of the Valley Isle, on this breathtaking adventure. Deeply steeped in Hawaiian ways, this cultural treasure in East Maui is accessible via a narrow, winding road
11 Hours