Maui: Three Day Learn-to-Rip Course

HST Windsurfing & Kitesurfing School is now setting the standard for Maui kitesurfing lessons. What makes us different? We are the only school on Maui that is with you every
3 hours per day for 3 days

Maui: Discover Kitesurf

Our Discover Kitesurfing lessons will give you a taste of this exciting sport, or develop and refine skills to move you to the next level. HST is now setting the
3 hours

Hawaii Kite Boarding Lessons

Hawaii kite boarding lessons offered by many schools in Hawaii help you master the skill through their comprehensive kite boarding lessons. You can join say a 3 hour lesson that would help you learn the basics of the skill. Kite surfing can be the first step towards learning and being safe.

The skills that you learn under kite boarding lessons are choosing a secure place and analyzing the weather conditions. The method of setting up inflatable kite, knowing about kite theory as well as wind window, check the kite in advance and safety systems, the basic etiquette of kite boarding  and understanding hand signals.

The next kite boaring lessons helps you to know the real power of your kite under water. The lessons includes of different skills that includes body dragging, re-launching kite in water, gaining control over kite using one hand etc.

The kite boarding lessons help you learn the right techniques so that you can master the skill.