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Special Offer: Diamond Head Luau Farm to Table

Our goal is to create an authentic evening of Hawaiian and Polynesian based experiences and activities for you and your guests. Diamond Head Lūʻau is great for families because of
3 hours

Best Diamond Head Luau Discount

The diamond head luau is considered to be one of the premier luaus on the Hawaiian islands. As a complete farm to table experience, you can enjoy a very high quality meal as well as some traditional Polynesian entertainment. The experiences that you can have here are nothing short of a traditional Hawaiian luau and it’s no wonder that so many people choose this experience during their time in Oahu.

The Diamond Head luau also features some of the most amazing sunsets on the Hawaiian island and this means you can get dinner and a true show. If you are interested in having this experience during your time in the Hawaiian Islands, you should consider checking back for some top discounts on the luau itself. We will regularly be posting new updates and coupons for this experience.