Thing to do in Kauai

If you want to see some of the most stunning landscapes across the Hawaiian Islands, Kauai is definitely one of the best places to visit. Kauai is suggested as a place that is a must see and do island  if you are a fan of gardens and nature. Kauai’s nickname is “The Garden Island”.

Some of the best Kauai activities can keep you and your family busy as you enjoy these natural and lush lands. Kauai has a number of amazing attractions that can lead to some of the most memorable experiences of your Hawaiian Holiday.


Best Kauai Air Tours

The Kauai Eco Adventure Chopper

This Kauai Airbus Tour allows you to see an extensive amount of the island, as well as view the unspoiled environment from the air. Seeing Kauai from the air can be one of the best ways that you can maintain some of these environments and capture some incredible photos along the way. Although this is just a short 55 min. flight tour, it remains one of the best ways to see the whole island in its grandeur.

Safari Helicopters Tour

On this experience you can fly past a number of different attractions including the Jurassic Falls, the historic beauty of the vast, deep red, Waimea Canyon and much more. These one-of-a-kind adventures via helicopter are some of the best ways that you can reveal the secret history of this area. The wonders of Kauai await you on one of these adventures.

The Ultimate Kawai Helicopter Tour

This experience is a 55 min. tour that includes a choreographed soundtrack through Bose headphones. The views and the sights you can capture across the island here are unforgettable. Seeing the island set to music is one of the coolest helicopter experiences one can possibly have.

The Best Kauai Attractions

The Rim of Waimea Canyon: This specialty tour takes you across the epic Waimea Canyon rim, which is widely considered the Grand Canyon of Hawaii. This tour experience lasts 5.5 hours and focuses directly on the canyon and the various aspects of the surrounding nature. Going on this tour early in the morning is one of the best ways to see the rocks change color throughout the course of the day.

A Snorkel & Sailing Adventure

The Napali Coastline is like none other! The jagged cliff faces and steep mountainous caverns make building a road along this part of Kauai impossible. On top of the, the culture and history of this coastline is incredible. Otherwise only accessible by advanced hiking trails, you can go on this tour to see the coastline from sea! Enjoy heading out on a sailboat and soaking in the spectacular views of Kauai’s infamous coastline from the ocean. With 4000 foot cliffs the whole way, you can capture some stunning photographs, as well as have the option to snorkel along the coast at some of the best shallow water, calm water, and beautiful reef diving sites.

Waimea Canyon and Fern Grotto Tour

This tour is one of the best ways that you can see the scenery on Kauai up close and personal. With incredible destinations including Waimea Canyon, Spouting Horn, and a cruise down the Wailua River, you can enjoy some stories and songs from across Hawaii.  See some of the most famous sites across the island as part of this experience.

The Kauai Hawaii Movie tour

Seeing some of the most famous spots were movies were filmed throughout Kauai can be simply satisfying.. As this area has long been a destination for a number of Hollywood filmmakers, the unspoiled nature of the island represents one of the best stops for travelers.


Eco Tour Experiences in Kauai

Hiking Adventures

With Kauai’s landscape it can be tough not to go out exploring on your own adventure hike. Hiking adventures in Kauai can be fantastic, especially with the help of a guide. Referencing some of the sites and taking you to some of the most photographic spots on the island is exactly what can happen over the course of these tours.

Waterfall Tours

Kauai is best known for some of its waterfalls, a number of hiking groups regularly take travellers around to some of the lesser-known waterfall sites across the island. This can be a wonderful way that you can explore and check out some of the finest spots to take a dip in nature. Maintained trails, and careful guides, make sure that these experiences do not damage the surrounding ecosystems.


Kauai in the Evening

Cocktail Cruises

Seeing the landscapes in Kauai are even more impressive in the evenings, the colors are stunning!  With the dinner and cocktail cruises that are available on Kauai, you can enjoy a different side to the island on a more relaxed adventure throughout the seaside. The Napali Coast has some spectacular, picturesque views and some amazing places to take in the energy of a one-of-a-kind sunset.

A Kauai Luau

A Hawaiian luau is one of the best cultural experiences that you can have while you are on the island. Kauai offers a number of sites for its luaus. Experience Polynesian tradition with a conch shell, fire dancing, traditional food, and more.


Interactive Experiences on Kauai

Sightseeing Tours on Kauai

Making your way through Waimea Canyon, or visiting Kauai through interactive sightseeing tours and hikes are one of the most wonderful ways that you can connect with the immense scenery and landscape. The sightseeing tours here are all about the incredible nature that surrounds this area.

Scuba Diving on Kauai

The scuba diving in this area is excellent, there are many Scuba lessons and areas where you can try out new dive sites. Just as the wilderness is unspoiled across the island, the waters surrounding the island hold a diverse variety of life.

Surf School

Poipu Beach surf school is another popular place where you can learn from years of Hawaiian tradition and surfing along comfortable shores. Surf lessons are perfect for the whole family and it is a great way to pick up traditions from years of Polynesian culture.

If you are planning a trip to Kauai, you should definitely consider heading to some of these top locations to see some of the best of the island. No matter what type of experience you are up for, Kauai can deliver plenty of fun for everyone!


Jan Griswold
June 3, 2018
I have wanted to learn to scuba dive to see such awesome beauty