North shore

The North Shore of Oahu is probably best known for its incredible surfing culture. In fact, it is world renowned, known as the Seven Mile Miracle.  Home to some of the most important global surf spots, this shore regularly receives up to 30 foot waves in the winter, and hosts a number of international surfing competitions. Many people make it to the North Shore not just to have a first hand glimpse into the incredible surf, and surf culture, but to visit some of the other attractions in the area as well. The beautiful beaches, as well as some of the tour experiences here, are some of the finest in Hawaii.

If you are going to the North Shore, here are some of the best experiences to check out:

North Shore by bus

The North Shore bus trip is a nine-hour day trip experience that goes through some of the most iconic sites across the North Shore of Oahu. This is one of the best ways that you can see the premier surfing spots, capture the best photographic opportunities, and more.

The North Shore and Hanauma Bay in a day:

This incredible experience takes you all over the island in one day from the North Shore to the south with Hanauma Bay. During this experience, you can branch outside in the North Shore and experience some of the surrounding area. With a snorkeling, and bus, component included as part of this North Shore experience, you can enjoy the finest in famous experiences across the North Shore and the surrounding area.
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The North Shore by air

The North Shore Adventure:

This tour leaves from Turtle Bay and is a 20 min. North Shore Adventure detailing some of the biggest highlights around the North Shore of Oahu. This is a fun helicopter experience that is perfect for taking a number of breathtaking sights and photos along the way.
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The North Shore Magnum Experience:

The Magnum experience is a longer type of North Shore helicopter experience. Seeing some of the stunning views from the opening sequence of Magnum PI is possible through this fun tour experience. Even a helicopter has been re-created to have the perfect look of Magnum PI’s chopper!
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Turtle Bay Waterfall Tour:

This helicopter experience includes a waterfall tour across this area and visits some of the best locations seen across Oahu from the air.  See the beauty of some of the best scenes in Oahu and pass by some of the most incredible waterfalls all in one streamlined journey.
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The Turtle Bay Sunset Tour:

See Turtle Bay via an unforgettable sunset tour. This is one of the best ways to view the area during the Golden Hour. The Hawaiian sunset in a helicopter tour is one of the best ways to capture the scenery and enjoy the beauty of this area while you are enjoying a day out along the North Shore.
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Heading to the beach?

Sunset Beach: This is one of the best areas to enjoy surfing on the North Shore. It’s located near Kahuku, along the most Northeast point of Oahu.  It offers a number of snorkeling spots in the summertime when the water is calm and glassy. In the winter is offers epic surf conditions where you will see the world’s best, ride some of the largest waves. It is one of the best places that you can watch green sea turtles up close in the wild.

Waimea Bay:

As one of the original surfing locations from ancient Hawaiian days, Waimea Bay is a popular place to relax on the beach, take in the surf culture scene, and experience some of the ancient cultures of Hawaii first hand across the road at Waimea Falls Audubon. An extensive amount of experience in surfing has taken place here, much like Sunset Beach- it is glassy and calm in the summer, perfect for snorkeling, and in the winter it is home to some of the world’s largest, and most awe-inspiring waves and pro-surfers.  It is a must visit location no matter what time of year you arrive!

Banzai Pipeline:

Banzai Pipeline Beach is perhaps one of the most famous beaches in the North Shore because this is where some of the world’s heaviest waves happen, creating a perfect pipeline shape, hence the name of the beach break. This can be a fantastic place to go in the winter months when some of the waves reach over 20 or 30 feet high. There are numerous warning signs along the beach, so it’s very important not to attempt surfing here unless you are experienced!

If you are planning a North Shore visit, be sure to check out any one of these top spots today!