Refer and Earn with Best of Hawaii!

Have you ever thought to yourself, if I had a penny for every tourist who asked me what they should do in Hawaii I would be a millionaire?

By joining Best of Hawaii’s Promotions Team, you can start earning on these visitors simply by referring them to, the largest online collection of Tours and Activities in Hawaii!  

Making money has never been easier! 

All you need to do is send them a link to our website and then we do the rest.
Each time a guest makes a purchase using your designated promo code
you will make up to 5% of their order total.   

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We use Cash App, Venmo, and PayPal as our primary payment method, with others coming soon. If you need to use an alternative method please mention it when you sign up.

Payments for commissions are given out monthly on completed activities from the previous month. Example: All orders completed in August will be paid out in September.

Important note: If an order is placed in August, but the guest doesn’t do the activity until September, then the commission will be paid out in October.

Using our Refer and Earn WebApp easily send your visitors your promo code and link to directly to their phones or email.

When you want to share your code, go to the App, Login, click Send. Choose Mobile or Email, Enter the guest’s information, select “Promo” and then Send.

Inside our Refer and Earn WebApp you can see every order that was made using your promo code to clearly know who bought and how much you will be making from your referrals.

If you know anyone interested in joining our Promotions Team you can send them a referral link following the same method as you would send your promo code, only instead of selecting “Promo”, select “Refer” and they will receive a link to our Sign-Up page.

After you send your promo code to your guest everything else will be handled by or dedicated Customer Support Center. We focus on providing our guests the best experience possible and will be sure they leave the islands with memories that will last a lifetime!

We have a 48 hour cancellation policy on all of our bookings, unless cancelled by the vendor or in the event of a medical emergency.

For any questions or issues please contact our Customer Service.

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