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Maui Mountain Activities Discount & Deals

Maui Mountain Activities offers different horse, mule rides including ATVs. You can connect with them to ride through the mountains of West Maui. You get to ride at the height of 2500 feet from where you can see beautiful waterfalls and then coming down towards the coastline to enjoy riding to the Pacific Ocean.

Maui Mountain Activities will let you walk through rainforests and explore the waters. Their trail guides will click pictures for you with your camera and will educate you on Maui’s history.

For horseback rides Maui Mountain Activities provides saddlebags and helmets. You will experience the extra dose of freshness while enjoying horseback rides to mountains of West Maui.

Maui Mountain Activities offer mule rides that give you the chance to explore mountains in West Maui and learn Maui’s history while walking through its amazing beauty.

ATV tours offered by Maui Mountain Activities are scheduled twice every day.