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Kona Diving EcoAdventures is a unique way to enjoy for family reunions, spiritual journeys, honeymoons, dive club trips or special vacations. Kona Diving EcoAdventures is an exhilarating experience that is unique to the Kona Coast and one of the top night dives and snorkels in the world.

Our Kona Diving EcoAdventures offers a variety of ocean adventures, including scuba diving tours, manta ray night snorkelling tours. It is our passion to share the magical undersea world with you safely, expertly, and with massive respect for the ocean and all its inhabitants.

We pride ourselves in organizing truly world-class diving underwater adventures and education for divers at every level of experience. All dives are led by one of our fantastic team of instructors, providing personal guided dives of Kona’s best sites, and ensuring you get the most out of every dive.

Come aboard to experience the best Diving EcoAdventures in Hawaii and enjoy a personal approach to diving the crystal clear turquoise waters off the Kona Coast on the Big Island.

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