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Maui Eco Tours biking at sunrise
Biker (12 years or older), Ride Along (8 years or older)
9 Hours

Best Deals on Bike it Maui Tours

If your idea of the perfect getaway is breathtaking scenery, cultural entertainment, and days filled with the exhilarating activity you’ll always remember, then it’s time or a Maui vacation.

In addition to the water adventures, Maui is also popular for its extensive collection of land escapades. One land adventure that is fun and athletic is the biking tours through the world’s most spectacular scenery.

With quality bikes, perfectly working gear, detailed maps, equipment and added extras such as locks, backpacks and more, Bike it Maui goes out of the way to make your trip enjoyable. Riders are allowed to stop in the middle of the journey to have photo sessions to capture life’s magical moments.

For those who are interested in taking a bike tour on their own where they can go at their own pace and stop where they like, Bike it Maui provides this option for riders.

Explore the epic volcanic landscapes of Maui with guided or self-guided bike tours. You won’t forget it!