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Millions dream about Hawaii being their ultimate destination wedding location. Indeed, the island of Hawaii has incredible venues that can play host to just any kind of wedding you may have in mind. The peace and tranquility, sceneries, natural features and the weather all make up for the perfects ingredients necessary for the perfect wedding.

However, when you decide to have your wedding in Hawaii, you will be confronted by the planning challenges, ranging from where to hold the wedding down to subtle logistics such as ground transportation for that day. For instance, there is a plethora of islands and a wide variety of resorts to choose from for the location, and if you are not very careful, you may not be pleased with the choices you make for your big day.

Consequently, adequate planning is necessary and we share with you some of the tips you need for planning a proper wedding in Hawaii.

Take time to do your research

Weddings in Hawaii The first step towards having a successful wedding in Hawaii is doing very detailed research on all the aspects of the wedding. It is imperative you take your time at this so that the subsequent steps will be less tasking. You can start by using Google to find the best wedding locations if you don’t have any in mind then note down their contacts so that you can get in touch with them later.

If you have an island or an event venue in mind, then you can jump straight ahead and start researching them. This should also be the case for your ground transportation options, entertainment, catering and any other logistics that may be necessary for that day. Due to the detailed nature of planning a wedding, it will be a good idea if you start the research months before the big day.

Know your budget

One funny thing about weddings in Hawaii is that they can be as cheap as a few hundred dollars or as expensive as hundreds of thousands of dollars. If all you need is a simple ceremony with a romantic dinner, then you don’t have to worry too much about the budget. However, if you fancy the idea of having a beachfront wedding with hundreds of friends and families, then you can expect to spend some a good amount of money. Nonetheless, you should know how much you have, and you are willing to spend on the wedding.

A good way to estimate the budget is to consider the number of guests and unless Hawaii is your hometown, you should know that the actual attendance will be somewhere between one-third and one-half of the total guests invited due to distance and expenses. You should then come up with a proposed budget to cater for at least three days.

It is typical for Hawaii weddings to feature three or four nights, including pickups from the various residences to the venues. Some couples will also want to have a welcome dinner, a post-wedding brunch for all the guests and this is not to mention the rehearsal dinner as well as any sightseeing outing the guests may be interested in, now that they are in Hawaii.

kualoa ranch birthday parties Consider the convenience of your guests

If you are flying in from another country to have your wedding in Hawaii, then you have to take into consideration the convenience for your guests. Most probably, a good number of them will also be flying in, and if your dates are not convenient to them, you may end up with lots of empty seats on the most important day of your life. To avoid inconveniencing your guests-:

  • Inform them of the date at least a year in advance – send out invitations to alert potential guests at least one year before you the wedding day.
  • Have a site for your wedding – create a website with a countdown timer to the day and let the people know about the venue and the planned itinerary for the day. It would also be a good thing if you included links for booking rooms, car rental, and flights.
  • Be savvy and helpful to your guests – take it upon you to monitor airfares to Hawaii and alert your guest lists via email.
  • Help them find good deals – if the rates at your resorts are on the higher side, be kind enough to suggest more affordable options to the majority of your guests.

Plan with the locals in Hawaii

Since your wedding will be in a paradise, there is no need for you to think about obtaining some of your supplies from outside when you get fresh ones in Hawaii, for instance, you can get all your decor in Hawaii. Other than the Hawaii décor, you can also think about incorporating Hawaii sounds and instruments for your big day. There are various bands which can provide you with a luxurious blend of entertainment for the wedding. They are more affordable compared to flying in a group from another country.

Pay a visit if you have never been to Hawaii

If you have never been to Hawaii and you are planning to have your wedding there, plan to pay a visit before the wedding to acclimatize yourself with the place and know what to expect when the day finally arrives. Do some scouting and compare rates in the respective venues as well as amongst the various service providers you intend to engage. Such a visit will open your eyes to the real picture you can expect and also preempt certain inconveniences which may creep in to ruin your bid day.

Hire a wedding planner if you can afford

It is not an easy task to plan a wedding when you are thousands of miles away. It is highly recommended to work with a reputable wedding planner to help you pull off a successful Hawaii wedding. The good news is that there are plenty of such planners and all you need to do is make your choice wisely.

With their assistance, you can plan the more delicate details of the wedding without having to be in Hawaii all the time. They are knowledgeable about the area and have been planning plenty of marriages, and working with them will give you a lot of peace of mind because everything will fall in place just as you want them to be.

You will also be delighted to know that hiring a wedding planner in Hawaii is not as expensive as some people may want you to believe. If you compare the cost of planning the wedding on your own and hiring a planner in Hawaii to help you, you might end up spending more, considering that you may have to make frequent travels to Hawaii, and you may not have the secrets to getting great deals from the service providers. If you are interested in a planner, feel free to get in touch with the Best of Hawaii.