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Best Tours & Activities in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

Pearl harbor is known primarily as a region in Polynesia on the island of Oahu that is rich with military history. The United States established a port use at the inlet as early as 1887. Pearl Harbor is primarily a Laguna Harbor that has been built up on the island of Oahu. It sits just west of the main city of Honolulu and it is a deep water Naval base that continues to hold the headquarters of the Pacific Fleet from the United States Navy.

One of the most famous naval attacks in history occurred on December 7, 1941 in this inlet that caused the immediate entry into World War II. The USS Arizona was one of the ships sunk in the Pearl Harbor attack and it has since been changed into a memorial site from the attack on the harbor that occurred. Many of the memorial sites across Pearl Harbor can now be visited by tourists as well as several naval museum ships that have been restored including a submarine. The Pearl Harbor area is also known for Ford Island as well as the national wildlife refuge in this area.