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Best Tours & Activities in Oahu, Hawaii

Oahu is the third largest Hawaiian islands and it features around two thirds of the population on the islands of Hawaii. Honolulu is located on Oahu along the southeast coast and this island represents one of the northernmost and largest islands in Polynesia.

The island is home to nearly 1,000,000 people year-round as well as numerous tourists. The city of Honolulu represents the capital of the state and is the largest city in this area with a major port for the entire state. Some of the most prominent features found on Oahu include the North Shore, Diamond head, Pearl Harbor, Kailua Bay, Kaneohe Bay and Hanauma Bay as well as the Waikiki area.

Direct flights are available to Honolulu and this island and it is commonly one of the gateways to the state of Hawaii with its international airport access. With a number of popular resort locations and hotels Oahu represents one of the most popular filming locations throughout Hawaii and one of the most popular tourism destinations.