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Turtle Bay: North Shore Adventure

See all of the breath-taking sights that Oahu’s North Shore has to offer on this 20-minute North Shore Adventure. Every winter, waves taller than four-story buildings roll through the Birthplace
20 Minutes
North Shore (Turtle Bay), Oahu

Turtle Bay: Valleys & Waterfall Explorer

Explore the serenity and beauty of O‘ahu’s best from the air on Paradise Helicopter’s Valleys & Waterfall Explorer Tour. Discover aerial views of the 1000-foot Kaliuwa‘a (Sacred Falls), which has
40 Minutes
North Shore (Turtle Bay), Oahu

Turtle Bay: Magnum Experience

Covering the island of O‘ahu from above, our Magnum Experience will show you all of the island’s highlights. See stunning views of the fabled North Shore, Pearl Harbor, Lē‘ahi (Diamond
1 Hour
North Shore (Turtle Bay), Oahu